Home Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is as much an investment as any part of the house. Carpet cleaning is done with the purpose of beautification, and removal of strains, dirt, girt and sand. Either professional or by ourselves we can make the carpets clean. If you want an easy and less hectic option then you have to go to a professional for this job, but if you have some spare time with you then you can do it by yourself. When you purchase the carpet, then one important thing you have to keep your mind that is carpet is made up of what all kind of fibers.

Now let me tell you about what all products you can use if you are selection option for carpet cleaning by yourself. There are lots of resources available in market for carpet cleaning. Oxygenated products are considered as the best product for cleaning the carpet. Oxy deep Power shop, Heat activated Oxy deep Carpet cleaner; Oxygen activated system and Oxy deep steamer Pre cleaner are few of the examples of Oxygenate products. Rug Stick Kit, Heavy Traffic Foam, Fabric Cleaner Foam, Fibra pure Odor Eliminator and One Step Foam is the good examples of manual application cleaners of carpet cleaning product.

You should have to take care about the method which you are applying for carpet cleaning. As in some carpets like silk or wool, can be badly damaged or even ruined by the wrong cleaning method. For natural and synthetic fibers, it is always suggested to deep clean your agent at least once a year and sometimes less extensive cleaning are advised between the heavier ones. When we are discussing about theCarpet Cleaning, then how can we forget Methods of carpet cleaning. Basically there are five major methods of carpet cleaning. These methods are:-

  • Hot water Extraction: - This method is commonly known as Steam cleaning. This is the most effective and commonly used material of carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning actually does not use steam but uses hot water. The temperature of this water is between 150- 200 degree Fahrenheit. In this method, water is sprayed with a very high pressure that helps in loosed dirt and particles. Moreover, I also want to state that there are few factors like operation skill, spray pressure, vacuum powder, solution temperature etc. that affects the result of this method.
  • Carpet Shampooing: - In this method, detergent solution is applied onto the carpet through openings through a rotary brush. These rotary actions convert the solution into foam and work it into the carpet. This is the most economiccarpet cleaning method.
  • Foam Method: - This method is a variation of Shampoo. In this method, with help of rotary brush, the shampoo is spread on a carpet and foam is formed. Then the foam is left to dry for an hour or so. With the help of vacuum cleaner, the dirt is removed. The best thing of using this method is that it’s an easy method and does not require any help of professionals.
  •  Dry Powder: - This method is known as dry powder method because there is no usage of water under this method. Dry cleaners considered this as the best method as this process does not involve wetting the carpet. Here, the powder is sprinkled on the carpet and with help of rotating machines; the powder is thoroughly spread on the whole carpet.
  • Vacuum and Spray Method: - These are refers to the ‘no touch’ method for cleaning the carpet. The best thing of this method is there is no need of for workers. Another benefit of this method over the traditional ones is that it has the ability to deep clean the grouted areas.

After discussing the above methods of carpet cleaning, let’s move towards the equipments that are involved in carpet cleaning. Hot water Carpet Extractor, High Pressure carpet Extractor, Self contained contractor, Portable carpet spotter, Carpet cleaning wands and hoses, Injection sprayer, carper vacuums and banana gliders are among few of the carpet cleaning equipments. I had tried to describe home carpet cleaning with the help of different methods, equipments and oxygenated products.  

Hope you are satisfied with the above discussion and it is helpful for you in future if you were planning for Carpet Cleaning services for your home.