Home Appliances


Home appliances are the appliances, which not only help you in reducing time doing daily chores but also minimize the effort in doing it. Simply put, home appliances are meant to make your life easier.

Home appliances or kitchen appliances include vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, air-conditioner, dishwasher, microwave ovens, food processors, water filters and sandwich makers.

Refrigerator :

Refrigerator helps perishable food to stay fresh for longer period. It generally has different drawers where you can keep your food items. Some of the refrigerators either have an in-built freezer or a separate freezer section. It comes in different sizes, the smallest being a 4-liter fridge, which can be used for storing cold drinks or beer. The largest size is of 600 liter. LG, Whirlpool and Samsung are some of the companies manufacturing refrigerators in different models and sizes.

Microwave ovens :

    Microwave ovens have basically three functions. Firstly as a microwave, which is meant for cooking vegetables Secondly as a grill, which is ideal for making pizzas, tandoori chicken, paneer tikka and thirdly as a convection, which is mostly used in baking cakes or muffins. Some of the microwave ovens available in the market have one or two of the functions while others have all the three functions separately along with combination mode. This means that if you want to bake cakes, you can use both microwave and convection to get the best results.

    Samsung, LG and IFB are some of the companies, which have different models of microwave oven to suit everyone's needs and budget. They come in different capacities from 17 liters to 30 liters.

    Microwave oven not only makes you spend less time in the kitchen but also helps you cook healthy food, as it requires less oil. However, there are some critics who believe that vital nutrients are lost when food is exposed to microwave radiation.

Vacuum cleaner :

    Vacuum cleaner is a device that uses suction to clean dust or dirt off the carpets, sofa, curtains and other smooth surfaces. They come in different sizes from portable ones to huge ones. They come with separate brushes to clean different surfaces.

Air conditioners :

    Air conditioners are used to control temperature, humidity and air quality to provide a comfortable environment within a home or office despite changes in weather conditions. Air conditioners are available in three types -- window, central and portable. Window A/C only cools the room where it is kept whereas central A/Cs use ducts or pipes to cool different rooms in a home or office. As the name suggests, portable A/Cs can be moved to any room.

Food processors :

    Food processors help you chop and grate vegetables and fruits. Also it functions as mixer-cum-juicer which is used for grinding and blending foods and making juices or shakes. Some of them can also help in kneading dough. These processors help reduce your time and effort by doing things in a jiffy. Most of the food processor provides different blades for performing different functions. They are user-friendly and require less maintenance.

Electric Kettles and Warmers :

    Electric Kettles are used to instantly make tea or coffee and for heating purposes. These kettles are available in cordless variety too which enables one to make tea or coffee anywhere and anytime.


    Most of these home appliances have one to two years of warranty. If your home appliance develops some problem during the warranty period, the company either replaces the defective part or repairs it without any additional cost. If there is some major defect in the appliance, which cannot be repaired, then the company is bound to replace the whole piece. Labor charges are also not levied if the appliance is in the warranty period. However, some companies do take money for the replaced part but do not ask for labor charges.

Insurance :

    If you have ordered an appliance from a website, insurance costs are included in the transportation fees. Appliances are generally insured against any harm to it like breakage or theft while it is being shipped or transported. If the appliance is found to be broken or some part is missing, then the consumer can claim insurance and he will get a new replacement for the appliance at no additional cost to him.

    Utility of home appliances are plenty as it has come as a boon to working women who have to manage kids, home, and office. These appliances make your work easier in less time giving you more time to spend with your loved ones!.