Valentine's Day History

Everyone knows about Valentine's Day but few people know the real history of Valentine's Day. The actual history of Valentine's Day revolves around the day when a saint named valentine was martyred for his faith. For performing secret marriages to the young lovers and dared to defeat the roman emperor Claudius II, valentine was killed.

There are different opinions about the origin of Valentine’s Day. One of them was the above story. Another story is a Roman man who was martyred for declining to give up Christianity. He died on February 14, 269 A.D. as the same day we celebrate the Valentine’s Day for his remembrance. Progressively February 14th is celebrated as lover’s day all over the world. On this day lovers exchange the gifts, flowers, messages. Another valentine’s person is “cupid”. He is son of Venus in roman mythology and goddess of love. On every Feb 14th many flower’s and gifts are swap over between loved ones, everyone in the name of St. Valentine’s.

Valentine’s Day for Kids

  • It is not so that Valentine’s Day is not for kids. Your kid would also like to be part of this love day by celebrating it with different activities.
  • Valentine’s Day for kids may become special by doing all such things which he likes.
  • Valentine's Day for kids has so many gifts to do different activities for celebrating valentine's day.
  • Valentine’s Day is not for the lovers (younger’s).  Children can also celebrate the Valentine’s Day.
  • On the day of Valentine’s Day, children purchase the chocolates, flowers and give it to his/her loved ones.

Cupid Valentine's Day

  • Cupid is known as an angel of Valentine’s Day. Cupid was in fact a popular subject on the Victorian’s extravagantly decorated valentines and is still in demand on today’s current greeting cards.
  • Valentine’s Day may also be known as cupid valentine because cupid was considered as god of love and sex.

Valentine's Day Hearts

The best gift on Valentine’s Day for your love one is nothing better than valentine's day hearts. Valentine’s Day is for love and love is represented by hearts.

  • You can also try out various other heart shaped things to present to your sweetheart.
  • There are various gifts in the market which are heart shaped on which are related to hearts as the fact is that love comes directly from hearts.

Love Valentine's Day

  • To celebrate your love, Valentine's Day is surely the best way to do so. You can express your love on this wonderful valentine's day by exchanging valentine's day cards, valentine's day gifts< or saying it personally by taking your sweetheart for a dinner or outing.
  • There is passion behind every love and there is no better day to let it all out than Valentine’s Day.
  • All over the world, who loves someone those people obviously believe and loves the Valentine’s Day.

Celebrations for Valentine's Day

  • Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly a celebration day. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your love or to enjoy the day with your sweetheart.
  • Everyone wants to be a part of this valentine's day celebration day whether they have their sweetheart or not.
  • Celebrate the Valentine’s Day in the evening time.
  • Go to restaurant with your sweetheart and offer her a candle light dinner with soft music.
  • Go to movie, park, cook few special items on Valentine’s Day at home, Offering the gifts are also part of Valentine’s Day celebration.
  • Valentine’s Day celebrations rejoiced not only by younger’s, as this day celebrated by the children’s and old people.

Happy Valentine's Day

  • On 14th feb of every year we often see people saying happy valentin'e day to each other.
  • This is to express their love towards each other. This is the initial step in long life journey of their love.