Health Alliance

Health alliance is usually a non-profit alliance of public and private concerns to make available quality health care at an affordable cost. It is a team effort of health care providers, consumers who pay for and use the health care service working in tandem to improve the quality of available health care at a cost which people can afford and in the process leading to a healthier community.

The health alliance also includes a number of hospitals whose individual speciality are bought together under an umbrella to provide integrated expert health care with differing expertise, and easily accessible to the people of the community.

Puget Sound Health Alliance (PSHA)

The PSHA was founded in December 2004 as a direct result of the recommendations of the King County Health Advisory Task Force convened by the King County Executive Ron Sims. It is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan 501(c) 3 organization.

The 21-member board of directors comprises of public and private employers, health consumers, health care professionals and health plans working together to improve quality and the efficiency of health care at a reduced cost across Kitsap, Pierce, Snohomish, King and the Thurston Counties in Washington State.

The PSHA covers nearly three fourth million individuals by providing them a trusted source of information and public reporting that is backed by extensive research thus enabling them to make an informed choice where health matters are concerned. Besides this the alliance will implement four national health care goals in its counties namely:

    1) Adopt emerging technology to maintain health records.
    2) Put in place exhaustive measures to improve quality of health care provided by health care professionals.
    3) Develop a working system by which consumers can compare costs and treatments available for routine and elective surgeries.
    4) Offer incentives to health care professionals to provide quality health care at a lower cost or provide favorable insurance health plans.

The federal Government has selected PSHA as the nation's first community leader for setting the standard for quality and affordable health care.

Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA)

CHA is a public health authority, a creation of the Cabarrus Board of Commissioners, with a 7-member board comprising of representatives of the board of commissioners, health care providers and two citizens.

Due to declining financial and political support and escalating medical costs, which left many without insurance cover but with increasing medical needs, made the Cabarrus County Health Department take a drastic step, it seceded from the County government and evolved as a public health authority with a new name the Cabarrus Health Alliance.

CHA is an independent and autonomous agency focusing on collaboration with community partners to provide quality medical care according to changing needs of the community at an affordable cost. The period of its existence has seen a tremendous improvement in public health services with the populace consistently voting its services as excellent.

Some of the changes it has wrought are the employment of a public health nurse in every school, complete dental care for adults and children and increased service hours. Further the separation of the public health from the County Government has resulted in savings of hundred thousands of dollars to the taxpayer.

The CHA aims to increase revenues through grants, increase the capacity of providing quality health care, and ensure customer satisfaction by conducting regular surveys.

In 2006 CHA received the Model Practice Award from the National Association of City and County health.

South County Health Alliance (SCHA)

SCHA is Minnesota's County based purchasing program. A County based purchasing program is based on MS 256B-692. With its inception in 2001, SCHA a CMS approved operation, strives to improve the manner of health care received by the people.

A Joint Powers Board under MS 471 governs SCHA. Counties covered by the SCHA are primarily rural namely Brown, Dodge, Freeborn, Goodhue, Kanabec, Sibley, Steele, Wabasha and Waseca Counties. Programs offered by the SCHA are Prepaid Medical Assistance, General Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, SeniorCare Complete and Ability Care.

SCHA mission is best articulated by the banner 'Provide a member, focused community based health care system'

Continua Health Alliance (CHA)

CHA is pioneering the personal telehealth system, which enables busy professionals, businessmen, seniors to transmit their essential health markers to their healthcare providers seamlessly from wherever they are, through a system of interoperatibility between, the health consumer, the health care provider and technology leaders.

Feedback is quick, complete with tips to better manage your health and medications. CHA was founded in 2006 to address the lifestyle risks to health, escalating health costs and diminishing time for health care. It strives to empower individuals and patients, located anywhere to take control over their health through the use of innovative technology. CHA is a joint effort of technology providers like Intel, medical and health care professionals, and health and fitness leaders.

Case Study: Sanjay a busy IT professional with a parental history of high blood pressure and heart trouble, takes his weight, blood pressure and cholesterol readings daily. He then sends this data via his health set top box to a monitoring service at his physician's office. Each month he receives an automated summary of his health with recommended measures to maintain his vital signs better. Plus his health information is stored in an external storage database which his physician and himself can access over the Web.

Networking and patient first health care is gaining ground and so is remote monitoring of health through e- mails, tele-health and the increased use of the web to gain information so that patients can take an active part in the maintaining their health. Health alliance webmail is the new mantra with technology playing an important part in your health concerns.

Lia health Alliance

Lia health alliance is a Health Purchasing Co-operative, the first such alliance authorized by New York State. It is designed to benefit employees of small business to make an informed and affordable choice of their health insurance plans. Lia health alliance offers health insurance at low rates and provides a choice of six insurers, multiple benefit plan option, 2,3, 4, tier rates, a single enrollment form, a single bill and an vast choice of health care professionals in NY State.

Greater Hazleton Health Alliance (GHHA)

IN 1996 two major hospitals in the Greater Hazleton area, the Hazleton General Hospital and the Hazleton St. Joseph Medical Center, both JCI accredited hospitals combined their resources under a single banner of GHHA, to provide the residents of the Greater Hazleton area a higher quality of health care. The alliance covers nearly 100,000 people. Apart from the regular health care, GHHA offers rehabilitation and behavior modification programs. It also schedules health screening, nutritional and preventive care seminars.

Brevard Health Alliance (BHA)

A federally qualified health center, the BHA offers primary and regular health care services to all the citizens irrespective of their financial status or ability to pay for the services. It also offers its patients medications at a reduced cost.

The BHA partners with local community leaders to enable Brevard County citizens access to quality health care, dental care, mental health care, educative and preventive care services. Brevard health alliance also functions from fixed site clinics in the cities of Cocoa, Palm Bay, and Melbourne. It also operates a mobile health clinic for transient people, near homeless shelters and for the under privileged