Harmony Festival 2016

In the year 1978, Debra Giusti and a group of dedicated young community activists in the County of Sonoma had the idea of merging the festival of music there with the showcase that was going to be held at the Sonoma State University. The festival was aimed at exhibiting some cutting-edge lifestyle options during the time.

That was the beginning of the Health and Harmony Festival. In 2005, the name was changed to Harmony Festival as the umbrella term included all the core values  the festival stood for and represented.

With over 35,000 attendees each year, the Harmony Festival is the West Coast’s most important outdoor music and progressive lifestyle event featuring hundreds of performers, over 350 vendors and unique activities. The basic tenet of Harmony Festival is promoting the counter culture lifestyle options and values of music, art, ecology, healthy living and spirituality as the keys to creating engaged societies and a vibrant planet.

Usually held during June 11th-13th, at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, this festival which started in the year 1978 and still, the longest continuously running premier music and lifestyle festival.
Showcases and demonstrates activities like natural food cooking and healing remedies, sacred meditation space with an interactive altar space as well as yoga classes and workshops.

The 32nd edition this year is definitely “a party with a purpose” according to CEO Howard “Bo” Sapper with so many emerging concepts that have become accepted components of American Culture. There will be special performances by multiple Grammy winner Lauren Hill, New Orleans jam sextet Galactic, and West Coast DUB/Rock pioneers Rebelution, and The Expendables.

The theme this year is “Promoting Global Cooling” - through forums, speakers, and interactive exhibits. The Harmony Festival is also teaming up with similar community-minded event organizations for this year’s festival, notable ones include: Peak Experience Productions, Mystic Beat Lounge, Solar Living Institute, Sunrise Center, Earthdance, Anon Salon and others,

The Harmony Festival now hosts 3 generations - those who started the movement have as their staunchest followers and believers in their children and grandchildren as a collective strength of people who are passionate about healthy and peaceful lifestyles.