History of Happy Christmas Celebrations 2016

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History of Happy Christmas Celebrations 2016

History Behind the Christmas Festival

Christmas as a festival is really famous for the celebrations and all the lore that goes with it. The core idea behind the inception of this festival is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is believed that Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of December to Joseph and Mary. Not only is this festival the most popular throughout the world but it also unites all the sects of Christianity including Roman Catholics, Protestants etc. It has a lot of historical significance to the followers of Christianity as it marks the birth of their lord which is enough reason to justify all the celebrations. Over the years Christmas has evolved as a festival. In the early centuries this festival was celebrated by Christians with all pomp and glory but they had always kept in mind the reason behind the celebrations. The history behind the festival is slowly being forgotten and the core belief is being replaced by other lore’s like Santa Claus.

Christmas Celebrations 2016

Christmas has many similar qualities to other festivals like distributing gifts among friends and family, eating a huge feast with the loved ones etc. Along with these traditions people also like to decorate the Christmas tree with lights and figurines as the tree has a lot of symbolic significance. People related to a church group or working in a church also like to visit different homes in the community while singing Christmas carols and collecting alms. This festival is also exceptionally favored by kids around the world.