Hair Stylists

Most of the time, we just can't decide on how to get our hair done without consulting our good old hair stylist. They are the becoming an important and inevitable part of many of our life.  We might not have looked the same if it were not for our favorite hair dresser who has helped us to choose this particular hair style which had made us look more beautiful than we were five years before. Thanks to the entire hair stylist around who have transformed many plain women to stylish and presentable women.

Who are Hair Stylists?

Hair Stylists

These are professionals who cuts, styles and colors hairs in a way most suited for their clients' .Hair stylist not just choose a new hairstyle which goes with our hair type and face shape, they help us to a style which complement our character, profession and personality. They also help to do the perfect hairdo at our wedding, and also help us to try all the possible styles and cuts which make us feel and look more attractive and beautiful. They even help us with the grooming our self by facial and body hair removal. Some hair stylist especially takes up bridal hairdo and does the perfect one that goes on with the brides dress, accessories, skin tone, and hair color.

Who is Good Hair Stylist?

A good hair stylish could be able to work with almost any type of hair to highlight every possible positive feature on a face and blemish off the not too perfect ones. They should be able to come up with a couple of haircuts, hair styles and hairdos which will flatter the appearance of the person. They should be well aware of the fashion and trend at the time and should be also able to introduce a special touch of them which can bring out the personality of the client. A very good hairstylist should also be able to work outside his field of specialization and should be able to create a new and varying look on any one any time and within the given time. They should be able to do modern and retro hair style, vintage hair style and bridal hair style when asked for but usually the specialist for these styles usually does it only.

Some Famous Hair Stylists:

Many of the celebrity hair stylist and professional hair dressers bagged away the awards at the British Hair dressing Awards function. This award was introduced as an encouragement for hairdressers to try on very beautiful and dashing hairstyles.

 Akin Konizi, of Hob salons was awarded the Hair dresser of the year 2009. This professional hair dresser has won the title for the second time for his new and fabulous hair style experiments.

Trevor Sorbie, a style pioneer who have done a large number of stunning and breath taking hair styles for photo shoots and other occasion is another important personality in the hair stylist list. He, who is considered as the world's best hair stylist also offers simple and wearable hair style for common people but if you would like to get an appointment with him to get one of the most stunning hair style, you should be well prepared to wait for several months.

Andrew Collinge hairstylist is the TV and Magazine make over professional and the most respected hair dressing figures today. He was the British hair dresser for the year in 1993 and 1997 and was also the youngest president of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

The International style setter Guy Kremer hair stylist has a magic at his fingertips and does the hair styles and perfect and sophisticated chignon for celebrity models. He is also a master in make over's who believes that women should fully know their feminity and beauty.

Daniel Galvin, the king of color likes to work with different shades of colors; dark and light to create a beautiful and mystic look on the models and celebrity. His works tells that there is more what colors can do than a plain and different hair cut. Colors can make a person look completely different. It can even change the attitude and confidence of people. A hair color also highlights the eyes and other features on the face and brings out the tone of the skin.  

There are still many hair stylists who have set their name in the hair styling and hair coloring stage. Some of them are Terri Kay, Mark Leeson Hair Body & Mind, who was awarded the eastern hair dresser award 2009, Barton, International Creative Director for Saks, Celebrity Hairdresser, Lee Stafford and many more.

Paying for the Hair Stylists:

Always be grateful for the job your hair stylist do on you and your hair, you can always make suggestion on which hairstyle you prefer and which length you would like but if you really believe your hair dresser, you ca n leave it up to him/ her to choose the right one for you. Pay them the prize for their service but try tipping them with a few more dollars if you actually love their work. Tipping the hair dresser can give you a better hair style and a better service the next time. If you are not sure on how much to tip, try giving a 10- 20% of the total bill as the tip. And if you really love the hairstyle a lot, you can tip the stylist with a 25% tip or above.

So what are you waiting for, choose a good hair stylist and redo your out dated hair style to get a new and beautiful looking one in a matter of an hour or two. A good hair stylist is the one who can magically change your looks rather than a perfect new celebrity hair style or the best salon. So rather than running behind the so called best salons, try to hook up a best hair dresser who can do wonders to make you look gorgeous and stunning at a party, at your wedding and every moment of your life.

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