Hairstyles Cuts 2016

Most of us visit our hair dresser to get our monthly trims but never bother about any new experiment with our hair. If we set one hair cut as our hairstyle cuts, it goes on forever without changing and the long haired ones remain long haired and the short haired remains short haired. You can experiment with a new hairstyle cuts every now and then to convert yourself to a different persona but do keep in mind that hairstyles cuts always tells the person you are so it is better to choose a one that goes with us. Spikes, rock star styles and ultra short hairstyles cuts may be a trend but choose a one which is in fashion and at the same time suits with you, your life style and profession.

Choosing A Hairstyles Cuts:

Hairstyles Cuts

Planning to try out a new hair cut? It is always recommended to take the length, the thickness and the type of your hair into consideration, your new hairstyle cuts should go on with the natural hair you have. There may be a number of celebrity hairstyle, but most of it will require hours at the hair stylist and will also call for a number of hair care products, so it is better to go for the one which does not take much time to set in case of formal hair cuts. Choose a hairstyles cuts that is best suited for your face and most of choose a one that goes on with your personality and life style.

Short Hairstyles Cuts:

Wanna try a short hair cut for the very first time, consult with your hair stylist and see to it that it goes well with your hair, its color and your face shape. A well cut short hair can give you a confident and sexy look and at the same time make you look years younger. A shot hair cut is easy to manage and also keeps your hair much healthy rather than the long and damaged hair. Giving up your long locks of hair to get a short hair cut may be a bit sad for some people but the reward of the wisely chosen hair cut can help you to overcome your lost locks as you will instantly come to know that you have gained a lot in exchange of those long damaged locks.

Long Hairstyles Cuts:

Long hairstyles cuts is always beautiful and very feminine but it looks good only healthy and well kept hair. A single length hair cut or different length layers can be tried on long hair. Long hair looks great if you have some natural curls and waves in it. Different sides of parting and bangs at the ears or the forehead can make your face look smaller and more defined. Ear length or shoulder length fringes and layers also make the long hair cut more exiting. But you should always take care of your long locks and keep it healthy and shining so as to keep up with the beauty of your new hairstyle cuts. Damaged and dull hair will never look good no matter how good your hair cut is.

Medium Hairstyles Cuts:

This hair length is the most loved of all as you can enjoy the comfort of long and short hair with this. Medium length hair style cuts can give a feel of volume and style and is also easy to manage that the long hairs. You can try different medium hair cuts depending on your face shape. Try out a nice clean bob or asymmetric haircut with the slightly longer hair at the front and shorter ones at the back. You can also try a shoulder length cut with layers and fringes or a blunt end singe length cut. The numbers of different hairstyles cuts you can choose in a medium length hair are many and you can choose the one most suitable for you. Try curls and waves on it to make the cut more interesting and stylish. You can also try different hairdo with medium length hair, tri it high up or keep it in a low chignon to enhance your beauty.

Curly Hairstyles Cuts:

Curly hair can be unmanageable and difficult, but if you treat it with care and use anti frizz creams, gels and conditioners, these become one of the most beautiful hair. A single length cut is not advisable or can say not possible with curly hair so it is better to layer it to give the perfect look. Curly hair can look good in long, short or medium cuts but if a very short cut, curly hair is not the answer.

Straight Hairstyles Cuts:

Straight hair does not look much different, whatever hair cut you try. So it is always better to play with the length of your straight hair. Try different length cut with your straight hair and also use some ear length cut and some shoulder length ones on your long straight one. If you have a thick hair you can try layers that give a thicker look at the crown and thinner below. And for thin hair, you can try giving a razor cut at the edges. You can also wear your straight hair in a blunt end bob or a boy cut with long bangs at the forehead.

Wavy Hairstyles Cuts:

Wavy hairs are interesting and beautiful and you can have medium length or long wavy hair free flowing at your shoulder to get a glamorous look. You can try haircut with graduated length or a single length cut. This hair looks great when tied up in a formal hairdo and when left free. You can achieve a messy look or a lazy look with your wavy hair and really love anything you try with it. A short bob or a very short haircut also goes well on wavy hair depending on the length of the wave you have.

Formal And Bridal Hairstyles Cuts:

Formal and bridal hairdo can be done with any hair types and any length but it is always better to have the hair cut much before the event as you will never want to have a new haircut for the special event and end up in a disaster. You can have the hair cut a week just before the event if you have tried it previously and you have had the same hair stylist on the occasion. It is never wise to try a new hair cut and a new hair dresser just before events like your wedding unless you are so sure about it. These hairstyles cuts should also take the dress you will be wearing and the accessories that will go with into consideration.

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