Grenada Carnival 2017

2016 Dates: August 8th-9th.

In 1877, Grenada became a crown colony and which relate with the British commonwealth in 1967. But, finally Grenada got their independence from British government in 1974. The island's French heritage survives in its place names, its buildings and its strong Catholicism after the British rule.

Every year, July and August is the festive time in Grenada and Carriacou, which was the period marked by the enthusiasm and energy of three main island celebrations--the Carriacou Regatta, the Rainbow City Festival, and the ebullient Grenada Carnival. The three events go beyond and set off each other in dizzying panoply of shows, races, competition, parades, expositions, pageants, and exhibits. Grenada and Carriacou revel in their own strength during Play Mas, making it an unforgettable time to visit the island and to get to be familiar with its people. A calendar of events follows, with a festive mood and parades around the streets.

Grenada's Carnival was being celebrated on the island since the time when the Europeans occupied the island. Even though lesser and smaller recognized than its Caribbean counterpart, carnival has the same fame that any of the best have to offer. It is believed that the trinidad carnival was heavily prejudiced by Grenada due to Catholics that resettled in trinidad through their slaves, who celebrated as they did as in Grenada, and thus influence the natives.

This festival will be celebrated in August which was one of the most famous festivals for the Caribbeans. The emotion of emancipation bring together peoples of all statuses, celebrating to the exhilarating sound of music, dance and food into a spectacle of colorful costumes, talent show and parades that take the breathing away.

The spice island is the nickname of Grenada because of its heavy manufacture of cinnamon, cocoa and nutmeg which was situated in the eastern Caribbean. The country of Grenada is prepared up of Grenada, petit Martinique and carriacou. The main cultural attraction of this island is carnival, calypso music and steel bands. Grenada can possess of the greatest calypsonian in the world with name of Slinger Francisco - The Might Sparrow. It is a place to flee for romantic getaway, water sports, diving and snorkeling. It also possesses one of the most attractive beaches in the world in the form of Grande Anse.

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