Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation from school or college is like a milestone, must be celebrated by the entire family, friends and close relatives. If you got a graduation coming and you really don’t know from where to start, then this article will help you in attaining ideal graduation party ideas. A successful celebration of graduation party means having a very bright future and job ahead. One must plan his/her graduation parties very well as graduates are the main focal center of attraction in party i.e. a party where the graduates were the stars of the day. Of course, budget plays an essential role in the graduation party and its celebration ideas.

Firstly think how much you can afford and spend in the graduation party, thinking of all the concerns like venue, flowers, menu, cake, flavors, invitations etc. Be as creative as you can be while planning for celebration. So, are you planning for any graduation party? You must want it stylish, special and elegant? Thus, here enlisted are some notions for great graduation party celebrations.

Starting right from venue to activities and food stuff:

  1. Choose a beautiful venue – If you are planning for long distance planning and celebrations, there are several venue choices letting in your college grounds, your home, any apartment or any restaurant.
  2. Plan the menu – The menu must have delicious and yummy stuffs like bite sized desserts, fabulous salads, junk food, satays, gourmet mini burgers and many more. Planning a delightful and stylish buffet is very easy and just move ahead to next thing.  
  3. Make a video memoir – It is one of the loveliest and prettiest things, you can do to enjoy your graduation party. As graduation parties are grownups parties, you can show some video slides, depicting traces of new childhood’s graduate, from babyhood to the present, it is an adorable thing you can do.
  4. Seek some memory books – It’s kind of fun activity you can do in your graduation party. Put out a blank journal and ask your friends and guests to offer some kind of advice for you after graduation life. It will be really cool, I must say.
  5. Great gifts – Select some great gifts to give them to your friends, so that you can reveal the importance of his/her in your life.  
  6. Party slogan ideas – If you are planning for some theme party, the significant factor, which must be involved in planning should be to let the graduate know that your wishes for the future are just straight from the heart. Slogans that you can involve could be Dreams for tomorrow, Reach for the stars, you will always shine, the sky is the limit, what dreams may come etc.
  7. Graduation cake and candy ideas – Give your graduation party a sweet ending to a day of pomp and circumstance with thematic cake and candy ideas.
  8. Graduation poems – Graduation is the time filled with fun, promises and possibilities. Whether it is a letter of encouragement, message of love, an inspiring verse or anything, a poem is something that a graduate will treasure as they go off to great places.

Some other things which you can do in your graduation party are:

  1. Make your gift list with varied graduation gift suggestions.
  2. Make colorful and creative invitations like use a calligraphy pen for scripting the invitation and tie up the rolled paper with ribbons.
  3. You can provide each of your guests with some white t-shirt or something, so that everyone should sign them with permanent markers and make the moment special and memorable.
  4. Make a poster board, involving pictures of all your guests. Make sure everyone signs on the board.
  5. Decorate the room or place with lots and lots of balloons. You can have also fun with water balloons.
  6. Don’t indulge too many activities as teens just love get together, talk and listen to music.
  7. Place the video camera and get it rolled everywhere in the party.
  8. Delicious food makes the party special.
  9.  Do not forget to make memory note stations. Set up note boxes for each guest so that he/she could write notes for each other.