Graduation Gift Ideas

If your dear ones have just completed their graduation you should not fail to please them with a surprise gift. They will surely be happy to receive a gift from you. After the hard days in colleges or schools with all those exam tensions and worries, make them feel relieved with a lovely gift. But we should keep certain things in mind before purchasing graduation gifts. Graduates will mostly be of teen age or just three or four years after their twenties. So we should plan to buy such a gift which will be liked by that age group. If it is for a boy, choose the gift with a boyish touch rather than cute and sweet gifts liked by the girls. The gifts for girls should also be selected with care and don’t confuse them with that of boy’s gift. There are lots and lots of gift shops available today which makes our job much easier. Always buy a gift which is within your affordable limit.

Big Budget Gifts

Travel Tour:

There is no one in the world who hates a travel tour. After the tough days of studies, the graduates will be quite happy if you offer them a vacation or tour for few days which helps in relaxing and refreshing their mind.


Car is a perfect gift for the college graduates who are going to enter the job. They might feel it very useful especially to reach the work place on time.


Laptop is a perfect gift for both high school graduates and also the college graduates. The high school graduates will be benefited with a laptop as it helps in providing them the scope of storing information regarding what course to go for after graduation, which college to join, to find out the syllabus and pattern of study which each university offers etc.

Cell Phones:

Day by day cell phones of newer model are getting launched in the market. And of course the youngsters always prefer to use the latest model as a part of trend. So for both high school and college graduates a cell phone of latest model will be a perfect one.


Furniture is a perfect gift to be given for the graduates who have plans to stay in separate flats or homes as apart of their higher studies.


If your dear one is a girl she will be happy with a diamond ring which looks simple yet elegant. Also it will be a good idea to gift her with gold earrings or a simple necklace suitable as a daily wear. On the other hand if the dear one is a boy, try to gift a silver bracelet or ring of latest pattern.


Above all, money makes a perfect gift for the graduates. They can buy things of their choice if money is gifted as such.

Medium Price Gifts


It’s a good idea to give your dear ones a nice watch as a graduation gift which they will treasure for years. Try to choose a watch that is trendy and suitable for daily use.


If you are planning to gift a bag then it’s a perfect idea as bag is needed by both high school and college graduates. For high school graduates try to gift a bag of the latest trend as they always want to look unique among their friends even if it’s the matter of  a simple item. For college graduates, who are planning to go for a job, try to buy a leather bag, preferably black colored, which has a professional look.

Mp3or Mp4 Players:

Youngsters who don’t like the music are very rare, actually at this age, when they are living in a world of music and imagination. So this will be a perfect gift to be given as a graduation gift to your dear ones.


Wallet with some money in it will surely bring smile on the face of your dear ones if gifted after their graduation.


With the emergence of many socially intractable websites, it is a trend among youngsters to update their new photos in different costumes from different places in different posses. So it is a good idea to gift the youngster graduate with a camera especially a digital one.

DVD Players:

DVD player along with DVDs of some latest movies or music will be really liked by the graduates who love music and movie.


A small TV in their room is a dream of every youngster with no one around to snatch the remote. TV is useful both as a means of entertainment and also as a media for updating with current issues.


If you are planning to gift clothing to the graduate, then your choice is perfectly right. For high school graduates preferably buy a trendy casual dress and for college graduates, who are planning to work, buy a formal dress.

Economical Or Low Price Gifts

Carrier Guidance Books:

A carrier guidance book is a perfect gift to be given for graduates who are planning to go for higher studies. This book will surely help them to get information on different courses, different colleges, different universities etc.

Resume Writing Books:

If you are planning to give a gift for a college graduate who is planning to go for a job, then it is a good idea to gift them a resume writing book which contains tips on how to prepare a resume with professional touch.


of course every one needs an umbrella and thus it be a useful gift to be given for the graduates, specially, the girls.

Food Recipe Books:

Graduates who are planning to stay away from home will be much benefited with a recipe book with which they can try to prepare their own food. So of course it’s a good idea to gift them with food recipe books.