Google Easter 2017

Easter is a popular festival celebrated by every Christian in the world. On this day a special service is held in the church to mark the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. This day is celebrated in a religious as well as people have Easter carnivals.

Google is the world’s no.1 search engine site. It makes your life easy by providing information on just about anything and everything. Every year Google comes up with gags, jokes and lots of Easter pranks for its users. You can just type Google Easter and get many such jokes and pranks from the site. A few of them are below:-

Google Easter

Dr. Doolittle, Google Style (Google Easter Prank)

When your pet barks, chirps or meows, what is it really trying to say? Those people who have the Android phone which has an application known as Google’s Translate for Animals app is capable of simplifying and recording animal sounds. It is also capable of deciphering different sounds of animals.

When a user uses this new handset, it so happens that when an animal utters or makes any sound it gets recorded. It then passes to the Google’s server which will then de-code by “speech recognition and translation engines”. Everyone should try this new application, it’s really funny.

Just after 3 am (A spooky Google Easter story)

As you take the road to Scotland’s Loch Ness hoping to spot the elusive Nessie. The monster which is legendary said to be there. But if you prefer to view the beast from home in the early hours of morning don’t forget to set your alarm to 3:14 am and the Google browser to the Beach themed iGoogle page. At exactly this time every day, Nessie comes up for 60 seconds views everything and then goes back to the dark surface.

There are other iGoogle pages that use similar spooky themes and also have spooky Easter eggs. The Northern Lights appear at 3:14 am. The UFOs come down to the surface.

Google Easter Hoax

How you wished to make your work even simpler. If only you could press a button and your mails, messages would be sorted and sent to you in a box. Long back Google came up with something like a Gmail Paper for its users. This was to create a kind of hard copy of their accounts. It was all done to protect the environment and thought of having “96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum” which was of course a hoax.