Good Friday Food

Good Friday is a day of praying and mourning for Christians. It is the day, lord Jesus was crucified on the wooden cross. The day is the darkest one in the Christian history when Judas betrayed Christ and led to the death of Christ on the cross. Three days later, Jesus was arisen to heaven and this day is celebrated as the Easter Sunday. The Easter Sunday is celebrated with a large feast, while the Good Friday is observed by fasting and abstinence.

Good Friday’s Hot Cross Bun:

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross bun is a traditional delicacy associated with Good Friday. In the year, 1361 father Thomas Rockcliffe started the tradition by giving away the hot cross buns to the poor people in the locality. Now, it is available in the bakeries in the Easter season. It is spiced bread prepared from flour, butter, honey, spices, candied fruits milk and yeast. People add raisins, nutmeg, current and anything of their choice to make it tastier. It have a cross shaped icing on top of it which symbolizes crucifixion and so comes the name. The cross shape can either be made from icing, jams, jellies, different colored dough or even by a cut across the bun. The preparation of hot cross bun in bakeries was banned by Queen Elizabeth except on festive season of Easter and during funeral. Hot cross bun has many beliefs surrounding it. It is believed that hot cross bun helps to recover from illness. Sharing the bun with someone will ensure the friendship throughout the year. It is also believed to protect from accidents.

Food Traditions:

The orthodox and catholic Christian observes fast on Good Friday in order to remember the suffering Jesus Christ underwent at the time of crucifixion. According to the teaching of church and bible, the people of age 18 to 60 have to observe fast and keep away from nourishing their body. The people are allowed one full meal or two very small meals on the day and no food or snacks are allowed in between the meal but the orthodox Christian refrains from all kind of food. Pregnant women, elderly or those with any health concern can keep away from fasting.

Food for Kids:

Meatless supper is prepared at home on these days for children who are not on fast are made to follow a vegetarian menu on these days. But many people think it all right to have fish in their menu and replaces meat with fish preparation. But fish being included as a meat or not is a debated topic as still many thinks that fish should also be avoided on these Fridays. Meatless spaghetti, vegetable crumble and tuna salads can indeed make a tasty treat on this meatless day. Going meatless cannot make your dinner less tasty, you can plan a healthy and tasty menu for the day for your children.

For those kids who eat fish on the Good Friday, they can have fish replacing chicken in sandwiches and soup or try roasted fish. Sometimes it tastes better than the original meat recipe. Seafood soups and pasta tossed with tuna is as tempting as anything else. You can prepare a very good meal if you plan ahead. But some prefer simple meal on this day and normally limit their menu to vegetable salad and hot cross bun. Some do not have any desserts or soups and have a sustaining meal rather than a tasty treat.

People also believe that all the favorite foods like chocolate, pastries should also be avoided. In olden time even egg, milk and milk products were not used on Good Friday, but today, most of the Christians do include milk, tea, and coffee in their Good Friday menu. 

Good Friday Food Restrictions:

  • The no meat rule is followed universally on the Good Friday. It is considered as a penance or sacrifice on the part of the believer.
  • The Catholics over 14 years abstain from meat on all the Friday throughout the year. Many catholic churches have now agreed that meat can be included in the menu in Fridays outside the Lent period provided some other penitential act like reciting the rosary replaces it.
  • People also stay away from alcohol and beer on Good Friday and many countries ban the sale of alcohol on these day. It is the penance on ones part to fast and observe abstinence and different groups follow a different diet and diet during Good Friday.
  • Some observe a complete fast while some eats one meal the whole day, some eat a simple pure vegetarian diet while some others keep away from meat only. Whatever is the practice, recipes for meatless dishes are available everywhere, in books and in internet. And one more thing, meatless diet is indeed a healthier option to red meat one, so why worry about what to have on the day.