Glass Jewellery

Be it as office wear, a casual get together or a more formal occasion, appropriate glass jewellery can be worn on every occasion and opportunity. Available in a multitude of colours to suit every dress, glass jewellery indeed demonstrates versatility in use.

Some of the more commonly available glass jewellery include murano glass, sea glass, blown glass, roman glass and beach glass. All these and others such as handmade glass jewellery are available set in sterling silver for that elegant look. Fused glass jewellery can help create an exotic look.

Roman Glass:

Roman glass jewellery is available in the form of earrings, bracelets and necklaces and comes with an authenticity certificate. When buying these be sure to ask for it and dazzle your friends with a real roman antique.

Beach Glass:

Beach or sea glass jewellery is made from genuine sea glass as found on the beaches and shores around the world. This natural wonder is set in silver or gold to enhance its appearance and sold as unique pieces.

Murano Glass:

Genuine murano glass jewellery comes from Italy in the form of pendants, necklaces and complete jewellery sets. It is made using different techniques, including millefiori and avventura.

Stained Glass:

Completely handcrafted stained glass jewellery can be both unique and whimsical. They can add a touch of class to any outfit when set in silver or gold. Such jewellery can also be gifted to family and friends and earn their goodwill for years.

Handcrafted glass jewellery can be modern and classic, urban yet earthy and can come with beautiful semi-precious stones to create accessories unlike any you have seen before. Glass jewellery can encompass all looks from simple bold statements to delicate asymmetrical designs.

Wear glass on your ears, around your neck or around your wrist to make a style statement that is difficult to replicate by choosing unique pieces. Opt for formal or casual styles depending on the occasion and your mood. Stock up on great jewellery at affordable prices and get going.