Gifts for Girl's

Gifts help in expressing one’s emotions and feelings towards the recipient. Thoughtful gifts given with heart are sure to strike a chord with the recipient, strengthening the bond between the giver and the recipient.

Selecting gifts for pre-teen girls is a bit difficult since they are in a transitory phase and are guided more by peer pressure. While selecting gifts for girls, you must take into consideration their likes and dislikes and their hobbies or interests.
Some of the gift ideas for girls are

  1. Clothes like frilly frocks, denims, short skirts and carefree capris are some of the best gifts for the girls. A personalized t-shirt with her photo or a message matching with her personality is also an option.
  2. You can give her a funky jewelry box or a trinket box in which she can keep her earrings, bracelets and pendants. You can either buy jewelry boxes that are available in the market in different designs, sizes and shapes or you can make one at home. She will definitely appreciate the effort you put in making a jewelry box for her.

You can also give her beaded necklaces and beaded bracelets with her name on it. Earrings in different shapes can also be given.

If your girl is fond of bangles, you can give her a bangle box where she can store her bangles of different colors and different materials.

  1. A gift hamper comprising of aromatic oils, bathing lotion and bathing body wash along with her favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner could be another good option. You can also add Bubble Bath machine so that she can soak in the bubbles and enjoy their bath time leisurely.
  2. Girls love their dolls and enjoy dressing them up so you can gift her the latest set of Barbie dolls accompanied by various dresses for her doll. Or you can gift her new wardrobe for her doll by knitting or sewing it yourself with the help of stylish and embroidered fabrics.
  3. You can also gift her sports equipment if she is interested in a particular sport. If she is interested in tennis or badminton, you can give her a personalized tennis or badminton racquet with her initials engraved on it.

Or else, you can gift her lifetime membership of a sports club or get her enrolled in a coaching institute so that she is able to develop her interest into talent for her favorite sport.

  1. If your daughter is interested in coloring or drawing, you can gift her an art set comprising of sketch pens, color pencils, crayons, brush and paints, pastels and drawing or coloring books so that she gets to hone her skills.
  2. A handbag which has been personalized with the photos of your daughter in different dresses and at different ages can also be a cute gift. This can also double up as a party favor for your daughter’s birthday party by adding other things like a pencil box, sketch pen set, a cute photo frame, a little box of chocolates etc.
  3. Girls love doing make-up so you can give them fruit flavored lip gloss to wear it on some occasions.
  4. You can also gift her some musical instrument like keyboard and guitar if she is musically-inclined and wants to learn playing those instruments. If she is interested in singing, you can get her enrolled in a classical singing coaching institute.

If she dances like a dream, you can get her enrolled at a dancing school so that she learns different forms of dance.

  1. An iPod or a MP3 player which will enable her to listen to her favorite songs is a good gift option.
  2. Books, be it fiction or non-fiction, is always a good gift idea as books open up a new world before its readers and make them more aware about the world around us. If you want to give her fiction, you can go in for classics from Jane Austen like Pride and Prejudice, Emma or Little Women. You can also gift them a series of Encyclopedia which they can refer to anytime.

Girls like gifts that are feminine in nature and that caters to her hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes