Gifts - Special occasion or no occasion at all, who doesn't like to get gifts? In the world where people are racing against time to acquire materialistic things, gifts have become a way of making your loved ones feel special and bringing a smile on their faces.

However, gifts should not only be judged in terms of how expensive it is but by the feelings of the person who has given it because it shows how special you are for him or her.

Men and women have different choices for what they would like as gift. While women would really love clothes, jewellery, chocolates and flowers as gifts, men would dote on latest electronic gadgets.

Gifts For Women

As goes the old saying 'Diamond is woman's best friend', jewelry would be a perfect gift option for your better half be it a necklace, pendant with earrings, earrings or a ring. The sparkle of the diamond would light up the face of your loved one.

Next in the list, but not too far, would be clothes. If the special occasion is her birthday or your wedding anniversary buy her a sexy dress she has been yearning for or pamper her with a sexy lacy lingerie and she will be all over you!

One of the other things women adore is handbags and you are sure to find dozens of it in her cupboard. But will she ever get bored of buying new bags, you ask her and her answer will definitely be negative.

Then there are other gift items like perfumes from her favorite brand, exotic chocolates, make up kits, picture frames, a spa treatment so that she feels like a princess, and a holiday to that exotic place she has been dreaming about. You can also gift her a kitchen accessory so that she spends less time in the kitchen and more with you!

If your budget is less then take her to her favorite restaurant and shower her with flowers, she will be surely impressed.

Gifts For Men

Most of the men are gizmo freaks so give them the latest electronic gadgets and they are sure to reciprocate by pampering you silly. You can select from the latest model of mobile phones, Ipods, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), electronic organizer, digicams, DVD players, laptops or music system.

Besides you can give him a shirt or trousers from his favorite brand. A black leather jacket, which enhances his personality, can be considered too. You can also gift him a wallet, cuff links, belts and designer watches so he remembers you every time he checks the time in it. Perfume hampers or electronic shaving kit hamper, containing all the accessories, is also one of the options.

Do not give personal gifts to those whom you don't know very well. For them you can choose anything from a bottle of wine, flowers, expensive china glasses, a picture frame to decorative pieces depending on your budget.

In western countries for special occasions like wedding or baby showers, there are many websites with whom you can register and select products you would like to receive as gifts. You can then tell about this website to all your family and friends so that they can choose the gift of their choice and according to their budget. This kind of website not only helps the giver to select an appropriate gift but also helps the receiver to get the gifts they want.

There are many websites like, red and among many others provide gift hampers for special occasions like birthday, wedding anniversary, mother's day, father's day, Christmas, Easter, baby shower, wedding and others. So all you have to do is to log on these websites and order the gift to be delivered to your special ones and bring a smile to their faces.