Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets you want to shower your loved ones with gifts and pamper them silly, do it in style by giving them gift baskets. Gift baskets are bags, baskets or boxes in different shapes and hues, containing gifts for your loved ones!

Be it a special occasion like birthday, wedding, arrival of a baby and your anniversary or just an excuse to let your loved ones know you care, you can get gift baskets for any occasion.

If it's the birthday of your dear ones, you can select gift baskets containing birthday goodies like exotic chocolates, cookies, muffins and cake for kids and women! Smile on their faces will reveal their happiness.

You can also gift your woman of dreams a spa kit, including body scrub and bubble bath, or different facial and body products or aromatherapy products to make her feel like a princess. And she is sure to reciprocate your love!

Gift baskets containing assorted scented candles could also be a good option if your better half is fond of candles.

You can surprise your avid golf player husband by giving him gift basket containing some birthday goodies, putting cap, knit putter cover, golf picture frame and balls. You can also gift him basket containing shaving cream, lotions, after-shave lotions and electronic shaver.

To celebrate the momentous day in the life of your loved ones, you can give them special anniversary baskets which contain muffins, cookies and brownies or a bottle of wine or champagne along with exotic chocolates. You can also send a bouquet of roses along with chocolate truffles or muffins.

A basket containing centrepiece, crystal vase full of flowers, scented floating candles and chocolates can also be given.

For the arrival of a new baby in the house, you can buy gift baskets containing body suit, booties, blanket, bib, feeder bottle and all or you can also get Johnson’s and Johnson’s kit which includes baby oil, soap, shampoo, powder and cream.

Some of the gift baskets may also contain rattle, teething ring, stuffed toy, milestone book in which you can record milestones of the child, photo album and small plate and spoon for the child.

Gift baskets can also be given to bridegroom and his family on the occasion of weddings by bride's parents. They may contain designer clothes, jewellery in the form of bracelet or chain, watch, ties, set of perfumes, shaving kit and other essential for the groom.

While selecting gifts for giving to your clients, you need to keep in mind your client's profile, status, personal likes and the gift's utility purpose. If your client is an avid golf player, give him a golf club or balls and rest assured of your growing business. The gift should be portable and such that logo of your company can be embossed or imprinted on it.

Make your clients and employees happy and they will in turn make you happy by taking your business to new heights!