Germany Flowers

Flowers have own charismatic and subtle splendor that captivate people irrespective of age and place. Flowers are treated as the emblem of the theme of legend, religion and poetry. Presently flowers are mostly used for decorative purposes like:

  • wedding
  • anniversary
  • Christmas
  • Religious festival.

Germany flowers are also used for the same purposes and there are also various professional available in Germany to take the initiative to prepare various decorative flower bouquets.

Case Study: Different flowers have diverse significant values like medicinal and nutritional value.

For example: Different flowers signify different meaning like:

  • red rose symbolizes love
  • yellow rose represent friendship and respect
  • the white rose signifies peace and pink rose bears the meaning of grace and gentility.
  • Tulip is meant for fame
  • Peruvian lilies signify the meaning of devotion and friendship.

In ancient times, various flowers use to denote secret code which were sent to from one place to another bearing the code to deliver the message.

Wedding in Germany

  • Wedding ceremony in Germany is an exciting ritual where at the time of reception the bride is abducted by the wedding witnesses to the nearby restaurants from the groom is supposed to rescue the bride after paying the bill at the restaurant.
  • After the reception comes the wedding ceremony, which is followed by the dance of the bride and groom and both of them wears the wedding rings and the consumption ceremony takes place at the bride's residence.

Wedding flowers pictures

  • In the occasion flowers play a vital role as the bride is to carry a wedding bouquet through out the wedding.
  • Many people either bouquets or sometimes they choose from the wedding flower picture catalogues and ask the experts to prepare the same.
  • In some cases, a German professional are hired who carry out the whole procedure through out the wedding.

Fall Wedding Flowers

  • Another name for flower is blossom as flowers generally bloom in the month of spring and autumn.
  • The wedding held in the month of September and October during those months as the fall of the wedding flowers becomes stunning.
  • The fragrances of the flowers are spread out in the air as the flowers bloom in their own naturalistic way.

Silk wedding flowers: In Germany, silk flowers are also in huge demand for the wedding ceremony as the price is economical and they generate good aroma which makes the occasion much more beautiful.

Wedding bouquets

  • Wedding bouquets are the most necessary item for the bride in German, which she needs to carry through out the wedding ritual.
  • In Germany, the bouquets are either prepared by the people who come for the ceremony.
  • Generally, a florist is hired who take the initiative to decorate the whole occasion with beautiful flowers even the wedding bouquet is also prepared by the expert.

Wedding flower ideas

  • The florist through the creative wedding flower ideas decorate the occasion.
  • Sometimes, the wedding couples themselves choose the wedding flower ideas from the catalogue that are available.

Wedding cakes: The food is prepared in the bride's home where all the people gather and the focal point of the food is the wedding cake which is prepared by an expert baker and the design of the cake is either chosen from the catalogue or the baker creates his own.

Wedding centerpieces

  • Apart from the preparation of the cake, wedding centerpieces are to be kept which may include candles, photo frames, flower vases.
  • Sometimes, in many occasions flowers are also found are discount like in wedding season all the flowers bouquets run a special rebate offer.

Case study: There are various case studies available regarding the Germany wedding flowers like people who have earned a lot of money by decoration the wedding ceremony with flowers which makes the occasion a special one and simultaneously beautiful.

For example: According to AFP of New York, a florist in Germany earns 400,000 for the floral decoration in the wedding.