Garden Sitting in the lawns of your house on a wintry Sunday, soaking in its natural beauty and just relaxing and chilling along with your family and friends is one of the best ways to spend your weekends.

Garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, where one can grow plants. Garden not only enhances beauty of your home, but it can also be used to grow vegetables and fruits for your consumption!.

Garden is the first thing that catches the imagination of the guest when he enters your home. If your garden is well manicured and colorful with different types of flowers, it instantly appeals to the eye.

There are many people who indulge in gardening as a hobby, nurturing every plant with lot of love and care. But if you don't have much time on your hands, you can hire a professional to do it.

Garden designers are the people who maintain lawns in residential houses while landscape architects are professionals who are involved in beautifying gardens of a company or a corporate house. Generally, landscape architects follow a particular concept while designing the garden; it could either be a logo or a mascot of the company.

Garden equipments :

Some of the necessary equipments for garden designers or landscape architects are lawn mowers, which are used for cutting extra grass or weeds, digging spade, flower cutters, pruning shears etc.

Terrace Garden :

These days when open spaces have become a rarity, terrace gardens have come as a relief to those who want to be closer to nature. In terrace garden, artificial grass is planted which looks exactly like normal grass. The most important thing for a great terrace garden is that water should not get accumulated on the terrace hence ensure sufficient slope and drainage.

Kitchen Garden :

This type of garden is especially used to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs, which can be used in your kitchen for your consumption.

Garden decor and design :

Choosing right plants for your garden is the first crucial step towards making it beautiful. For that, you need to know basic details about the plants you want to use in thegarden . You should always choose plants which can grow in all kinds of seasons and which require low maintenance. Also make sure to choose plants, which should not look bizarre but complement and enhance the overall look of yourgarden.

After you have selected the plants, you can further decorate your garden by putting up water fountain, stone sculptures, stepping stones, wind chimes, outdoor paintings etc. You can also set aside a corner of yourgarden for constructing a birdhouse for your visiting avian friends. You can also put up garden furniture, consisting of chairs and table, made of wrought iron or plastic. You can also put up wooden logs for sitting purpose and even wooden table made of logs to give a different look to yourgarden.

Ensure that there is proper lighting in your garden. You can put up lanterns with antique touch that reminds you of bygone era. You can even put up colorful paper lanterns to give a distinguished touch. If you are hosting a party in your home or on some special occasions like festivals you can deck up trees or plants with lights.

You can also utilize garden for holding garden parties for your children and their friends. You can set up an inflatable swimming pool in the garden for the children so that they have a good time splashing around.

So deck up your garden and get ready to party at night!