Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are the gifts that are aimed at making its recipient burst into peals of laughter. Bachelor parties or birthday could be great occasions to give gag gifts.

Gag gifts may also help highlight some of the idiosyncrasies of the recipient and help them correct it.

a) T-shirts personalized with humorous or tongue – in – cheek messages are quite a rage among the youth today as they can be seen wearing such t-shirts at offices, malls and cinema halls. Be sure, especially if you are giving the gift to your girlfriend.

b) Mugs with personalized messages too could be a good option. Such mugs are available at any retail outlets across the world but if you are not satisfied with the message, you can get a mug and personalize it with a humorous message or a joke.

c) Flask in a book, containing a stainless steel hidden inside the look alike of a book would keep others around you thinking that you are an avid book reader when you take it along with you. And when you sip tea or coffee from it, the bewilderment on their face will be quite a treat to watch!

d) Binoculars double flask, complete with funnel and binocular strap, could fool anyone into thinking that you are carrying the binoculars. Pretend seeing the great scenery around you through binoculars and when you lend them to someone else, watch expression on their face changing when they aren’t able to see anything. Then you can unscrew the binoculars and share flask’s contents with them!

e) Do you know of someone who is tired of his friends, colleagues or relatives’ boring talks about themselves, their achievements and their children on the phone even as they have a deadline to adhere to and cant find enough excuses to keep the call short? Then get off the phone excuse machine is the best gag gift you can give them. This machine, containing six different sounds like siren of a police car, baby crying or doorbell will help its recipient to cut the boring call short.

f) Self-shaking salt and peppershakers could evoke laughter when you have guests for dinner. You just have to pull its chord, invert the shaker and see the shakers shaking on its own too add salt into your food and life!

g) If you want to get even with someone, you can give them pens, photo frames or even punching bags that shout obscenities and swear words. So next time you have a mud-slinging match with your friends, just turn on the obscenities-shouting pens, photo frames and you will surely forget your fights and start laughing.

h) After you have pressed the button, farting monkey will pull his pants down and break into hilarious song, leaving people in a state of uncontrollable laughter. This could be a good gift option for kids too.

i) Do you know someone who’s constantly cribbing about less time and more work? Backwards wall clock could be a perfect gift for him. The hour, minute and second hands of this clock move backwards and the numbers are also arranged anti-clockwise, giving you ample time to do your thing!

j) If you want to teach your neighbor a lesson whose loud snores disturb your sleep, buy Annoy Your Neighbor Audio CD, which contains many irritating sounds like watch alarm and laughter and drive them nuts!

k) Are you disturbed with your friend for making a mess while eating his noodles, spaghetti or pasta? Give him battery-operated Twirling Spaghetti Fork, which will automatically round up the noodles or spaghetti.

l) Inflatable dolls, which turn into life-size dolls, could also be great gift for bachelor parties.

Before giving gag gifts to anyone, make sure that the recipient has a good sense of humor and he will take the joke in the right spirit and not take otherwise. Generally, it is advisable to give such gifts to your friends, colleagues or relatives who are very close to you. Avoid giving such gifts to your seniors in office or some elderly person because it may backfire on you later.

Select your gag gift carefully and see its recipient and others around burst into peals of laughter!.