Front Loading Washing Machines Against Top Loading Washing Machines

The most crucial decision while buying a washing machine is whether to go for a top loader or a front loader. In a top loading washing machine, the tub is vertically located and the agitator in the middle of the tub moves and churns the clothes, water and detergent along with it. While, in a front loading washing machine the tub is located horizontally. The main differences between the two are on account of the following parameters.

The most important advantage which front loader offers over a top loader is in terms of water usage efficiency. This is because it only requires a third of water which is required by a top loader. In a front loader washing machine gravity plays a major role and so it drops the clothes back in to the water, it also helps in case of a rinsing cycle, as instead of refilling the complete tub, only small quantity of water can be poured from the top. Further, due to the lack of an agitator in the front loading washing machine, the space available for clothes is much more. The average rpm for a front loader is about 950-1100 rpm as compared to 700 rpm of a top loader washing machine. Also, agitators being rough and damaging to your laundry, front loaders give you longer lasting clothes with less wear and tear.

But, when it comes to pricing the top loading washing machine will be a little more hard on your pocket that a front loading one. But if you don’t mind the initial higher cash outflow, in the long run the front loading washing machines will deliver more in terms of cost savings in energy usage and life of clothes. So next time you are out in the market to buy a washing machine be sure you consider all the possibilities and all the parameters before you roll out your final decision.