Formal Hairstyles

Have any special occasion like a wedding, birthday party or even a business party at the corner? Choosing the right dress and the right hairstyle is the most important thing before you get going. Selecting a good dress and a perfect hairstyle to go with the dress and the mood of the function can make you look simply gorgeous. There are a lot of formal and semi formal hairdos suited for every occasion, including your wedding.

A formal hairstyle may include anything from leaving your hair free on your shoulders to keeping it in a formal and sophesticated knot. You can choose from a number of different hairstyle for, long and short hair and straight, wavy or curly hair.

How To Do The Formal Hairstyles:

If you are going to try a new formal or semiformal hairstyle at the function try planning before the occasion. There are some easy formal hairstyles which you can do by yourself at home if you can give a little time for yourself. But do try out this style a few days before the function and that too with your party dress on. By doing so you can see whether the hair goes with your face and also if it suits your party dress. Also try to wear the formal hairstyle for a bit longer to know if you are comfortable in carrying it. Though you can do the simple formal hairstyle at home, more elaborate ones for very special occasion like your wedding is best done by a hair dresser. But do plan the schedule and the formal hairstyle you would like to do, with your hair dresser. You can even show them the dress and jewelry you are planning to wear on the day to choose for the best one that will go with your face, figure and outfit. And most of all schedule your appointment with the hairdresser as you don’t want to any complication just before the event.

Formal Long Hairstyles:

You can do a number of formal hairstyles on your beautiful long hair. And long hairs are the best to try sophisticated formal hairdos. You can leave your hair down flowing at your shoulders if you are planning to wear a strapless dress. Long hair kissing your shoulder in a strapless dress can give you a young and playful look and will also flatter your color bone. It is best to add a bit of waves and layers in your hairstyle but try to make it soft and under control with the conditioners and hair serums you can get at the market. You can leave a bit of hair lazily falling on your forehead if you are trying a wavy style or a dash at your forehead for the straight and long formal style. You can try a side part or a middle parting and even pull you hair a bit to the back with a hair accessory if you are going for a night function.

Layering your hair can give a under control look. You can also choose from the many number of hold up hair do that can bring out the beautiful features of your face, but most of the up do ones needs an extra hand or the professional hand of the hair dresser to attain perfection. Try an up do of sleek and loose high and low chignon or you can try the all time favorite French twist. It is better to go for big studs or long dangling earring with your let loose hairstyle or hold up formal hairstyle and keeping your earring as the only accessory can add to the beauty of the style especially if you are wearing a strapless dress.

formal hairstyles

Try At Home The Formal Long Hairstyles:

Blows dry your hair after you apply a smoothing cream to it. Take a side part and bring the bigger half forward to your face covering a part of your forehead and tuck it at the back of your ears. At the lower at of the hair, you can make soft curls by wrapping the bottom half of the hair in the curling barrel and gently releasing the large soft curls. Use a light hold hairspray to keep your hair neat and bring a bit of the hair at your shoulders to show off the soft and beautiful curls.

Formal Short Hairstyles:

Short hair can also have a number of formal hairstyles though most women with short hair thinks that appearing in a formal hairstyle is not for the short haired ones. But all you have to do is to present yourself with confidence and choose the right formal hairstyle for you to make the men and women turn their head towards you. Set your short hair in layers with soft hairs falling at the nape of your neck or try out a bold blunt look for the coming function. Add a lot of shine to your bob to give it a highlight and choose the bright lipstick and smoky eye shadow to give you the right look. Try to bang a lock of your hair at your forehead and set your short hair nice and soft for the formal look. Even very short hair like Halley Berry's can be given a formal and washed appearance by setting it with care. And one of the most loved formal hairstyle is the short Princess Diana style so you can also try it to give a much too formal look.

Easy To Do Formal Short Hairstyles:

Apply volumizing product to your hair and blow dry it with a round brush. Part your hair to the sides and make a large pin curl at your fore head using pomade on your hands. Curl your hair in all the way round your face with a curler and set your hair with a good hair spray for the perfect hold. You can use a small hair accessory to hold your hair lightly to the back of your ear in one side of the part.

Formal Curly Hairstyles:

Straight hair and wavy hair are easy to do as even leaving it free can give the required formal look but curly hair poses a challenge when it comes to formal hairstyle as curly it refuses to stay in place. Being careful with the style you choose for your curled locks and maintain your hair properly and with care can work wonders and your difficult curly hair can get transformed to beautiful lock of curls. You can put your hair into a high up do with a few hairs falling on your face. You can even leave your hair free and long. But do pin it slightly back or towards the sides to make it manageable. You can also use the classic ringlet formal style with your curly hair by arranging your curls tied in a pony tail; in a cascade fashion around the neck. Long curly hair can be tied in a low pony tail after setting the curls on a one inch curler. The most important think in case of a curly hair is to take care of it with care to make it soft and manageable.

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