Flowers In San Francisco

San Francisco, which has a Mediterranean climate i.e. mild temperatures and wet winters, grows beautiful spring flowers in a wide variety of colors that cannot grow easily in other parts of the world.

San Francisco flowers

Dahlia, which comes in bright colors, different sizes and forms, are found quite prominently in San Francisco. They have a longer blooming duration as compared to many other flowers.

Even when they have been cut, they last for longer periods. Native to Mexico, Dahlia gets its name from 18th century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. Dahlias are generally used for food, ceremonial and decorative purposes.

The height of an average dahlia could be anything between 12 inches and 6 to 8 feet while its diameter could be from two inch to a foot. Dahlias, which are generally planted in mid-April in many areas, need direct sunlight for at least eight hours to bloom properly.

California Lilac, also known as creeping mountain lilac, is one of the local flowers which are grown after the winter rains. Lilac, which is generally two feet in height, has violet-blue leaves. Then there is California poppy, which is California's state flower. California poppy, which is bright orange in color, grows during spring season along with meadow foam, which is also nicknamed as fried egg flower due to its yellow centre.

Clarkia, which is named after Clark of Lewis who discovered this flower, grows during summer. The deep pink-colored Clarkia measure two feet in height and attracts a lot of eyeballs.

San Francisco Wholesale mart

The San Francisco Wholesale mart was founded in 1924 to fulfill the demand for a centrally-located market where flower growers from Bay Area could sell their wares to local florists. As flower growers from other parts of the United States started coming in with their products, the need was felt for a larger market which was realized in September 1956 with the establishment of the San Francisco Flower Terminal.

The San Francisco Wholesale mart showcases products from 60 vendorsm cut flowers, plants and all kinds of floral supplies. The mart has provided a platform for floral wholesalers and showcases flowers from different parts of the world.

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show was the brainchild of founder Duane Kelly who got inspired to start such a flower show after visiting Philadelphia and New England flower show in 1987. Two years later, the Northwest Flower and Garden Show made its debut in 1989 and soon became famous.

The show has more than 20 gardens exhibiting different plants and gardening styles. These gardens are prepared by different designers and garden creators and the best garden is awarded by a special jury. Seminars and lectures on gardening by experts in the field are also held as part of the show. There are commercial booths as well which sell cut flowers, seeds, tools etc to those interested in gardening.

Flowers for Al and Don

Flowers for Al and Don is a website where people can donate money according to their own wishes through Pay pal for sending online flowers on the wedding of gay couples in San Francisco. The amount, after deducting pay pal fees from it, is spent towards buying flowers from a local flower market which is then delivered to the couple by a local volunteer.