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One of the best months to grow flowers is the month of July. As part of the summer season, there is a wide range of choices of flowers that grow best in this time of the year. With too many choices on the list of flowers that bloom in July, even beginners will not have a hard time planting and growing stunning flower collection in the garden.

Types of Flowers That Bloom in July


What makes bulb interesting to grow is the fact that they start as too little but yield to rich blossoming flower. Another factor is its ability to grow without requiring too much space because they grow vertically and not horizontally. In any form, shape, size, and shade, flower bulbs create a certain appeal that never fails to amaze anyone. Some of the most common flower bulbs that grow in the month of July include cannas, lilies, gladiolus, and alliums.


A flower that completes its cycle in one season is called annuals. These types of flowers usually start blossoming in the month of June or July and will last all throughout the summer, breathing vibrancy and life to the entire season. Annuals vary in shape, sizes, height and colours, but despite the differences, annuals that grow in the month of July are one of the favourites in flower arrangements and floral designs. For beginners, the annuals that are easy to grow in the month of July include gazanias, verbena, impatiens, marigolds, lantana, campanula, geraniums, cosmos, cleome, salvia, and lobelia.

Famous Flowers that Grow in July


The elegance and beauty of the flower rose blooms in the month of July. Either in flower shops or in the garden, roses are always present. To make it grow lovely in the garden, a six-hour exposure to the sun is required, regular watering, and pruning.


Also known as larkspur, delphinium blooms in tiny flowers in many shades. This flower can also be seen growing in valleys and in wild fields. It thrives in moist soil and must be under full sun. Delphinium accentuates the garden, and it can also be the highlight in floral arrangements. However, delphinium is toxic and can cause irritation and rashes if exposed for too long to the skin.


This attention-catching yellow flower thrives in the months of summer including the month of July. They look good in the garden because they create an atmosphere of liveliness due to its vibrant, sunny-bright colour. The sunflower loves the sun and it thrives in moist and rich soil.


One of the flowers that grow in the month of July is the lily. This flower comes in different varieties and bloom in all kinds of habitat. Its beauty makes it a favourite when it comes to floral designs such as bouquets and more elaborate flower arrangements.


The flower dahlia favors a hot temperature that is why it is ideal to grow in the month of July. It thrives even with less watering, making it one of the flowers that are easy to maintain. Despite lacking in fragrance, dahlia still attracts bees and butterflies courtesy of its colourful and bright blooms.

January February March April
May June July August
September October November December
SNO Flowers Name Flowers Common Names Flowers Description
1 Alstroemeria peruvian lily miniature lilies‚ with spotted or striped markings‚ shaded colour‚ or
2 Amaranthus love lies bleeding Amaranthus are not well-known as cut flowers in the
3 Anigozanthos kangaroo paw Anigozanthas has long furry‚ velvety buds that open the tip of the stems
4 Anthurium flamingo flower Their unmistakable glossy heart-shaped flower
5 Astrantia masterwort Astrantia has clusters of tiny‚ delicate‚ starlike
6 Bouvardia Bouvardia Bouvardia are certainly not common flowers. If you study them closely‚ you find
7 Carnation Carnation The carnation isone large flower per stem‚ or a spray carnation with lots of
8 Cattleya Orchid corsage orchid The leaves are sold as Orca
9 Chincherinchee Chincherinchee Their flowers‚ bell and star-shaped‚ are showy and sometimes very
10 Chrysanthemum ox-eye daisy The chrysanthemum is depicted on Japan's imperial weapon and
11 Craspedia drumstick Craspedia is Small‚ golden globular head tightly packed with florets on long‚
12 Crocosmia montbretia Crocosmia are rich orange tube shaped
13 Dahlia Dahlia The native forms are quite simple and daisy-like‚ but breeding has resulted in some
14 Delphinium Delphiniums Delphiniums and larkspur make good dried
15 Dendrobium Orchid King orchid Sprays of 10-12 dainty flowers on slender stems‚ often like daffodils in
16 Dill dill Umbrella flower heads carried on thick ridged hollwo
17 Eryngium sea holly The plant has deepy-cut leaves shaped like holly‚ and sometimes just as
18 Eucharis amazon lily Each stem bears at least two flowerheads and often up to
19 Forsythia Forsythia Forsythia is well known as a garden plant‚ but is also available as a cut flowering
20 Freesia Freesia Freesias are among the most popular and widely grown cut flowers in the world‚ with
21 Gentiana gentian Flowers are trumpet-shaped blue or
22 Gerbera transvaal daisy Gerbera are little hairs on the stem act as gerbera?s leaves‚ so if they are put
23 Gladiolus sword lily Gladioli like a lot of water‚ and will suffer seriously if not given enough
24 Gloriosa flame lily The flower bears six delicate reflexed petals with scalloped yellow edges each measuring
25 Gypsophila baby's breath Gypsophila has many slender branching stems‚ each bearing many tiny button-shaped
26 Helenium sneezeweed The buds and immature flowers are attractively striped and the flowers last up to two
27 Heliconia species lobster claw The variety shown here has upright facing flowers; some forms‚ called hanging
28 Hydrangea Hortensia Hydrangea are small‚ star-shaped flowers packed closely together to form a rounded
29 Hypericum st john's wort Remove the leaves as these fade quickly and are not as ornamental as the
30 Iris Bearded The popularity of irises over the centuries has been demonstrated in the still life
31 Kniphofia red-hot poker The downward-pointing flowers open from the bottom of the stem upwards‚ revealing
32 Leucospermum pincushion protea Leucospermum are very strange looking flowers‚ almost like plastic pan
33 Lily lilium The lily was the holy flower of the ancient
34 Limonium sea lavender Limonium flowers look stunning en masse‚ by themselves or as an ideal
35 Lisianthus eustoma Lisianthus has been one of the most popular flowers exhibited by the Flowers & Plants
36 Moluccella bells of Ireland Moluccella is bell shaped calyxes enclosing the tiny real white fragrant flowers inside
37 Nerine guernsey lily The nerine is an elegant and dainty flower with long stems showing off the slender petals
38 Oncidium Orchid golden shower orchid Delicate sprays of tiny flowers‚ shaped like skirted dancing
39 Paphiopedilum Orchid lady's slipper orchid One or two flowers per stem‚ shaped like helmets with moustaches
40 Phalaenopsis Orchid moth orchid Sprays of up to 15 large waxy flat oval-shaped flowers on long
41 Phlox Garden Phlox Phlox are very thirsty flowers so keep the water topped
42 Pink Pink Pink is aFour rounded petals with a distinctive eye‚ on a greygreen
43 Protea sugarbush The flower is surrounded by colourful
44 Rose rose The red rose is the symbol of England and is worn on St George's Day. It is also the
45 Rudbeckia coneflower Large yellow daisy-like flower head with a domed
46 Sedum stonecrop Sedum are succulent-leaved plants with large flat
47 Stock stock Stock is a Tall‚ strong stem with a cluster of sweet-scented‚ double flowers
48 Strelitzia bird of paradise Purchase Strelitzia when the first flower bud is fully
49 Sunflower Common Sunflower Sun flower is large flower head with usually a big dark centre and bright yellow
50 Sweet Pea sweet pea Sweet pea Keep cool‚ always in water‚ and away from ripening
51 Trachelium blue throatwort TracheliumClustered panicles of tiny
52 Tuberose tuberose Tuberose is therefore more commonly used in bridal
53 Vanda Orchid Vanda Orchid Vanda orchid is Elegant five petalled flowers‚ several to a
54 Zantedeschia arum The petals are fleshy and very easily bruised‚ take care when transporting or
55 Zinnia Zinnia The straight stems are topped by a pom-pom of bright candy