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Flowers by month and their meanings

It is hard to image a special occasion without colorful flowers. No matter what the occasion might be people generally pick flowers based on their types and favorite color choices rather than considering their associated meanings and sentiments. Similarly, those who receive flowers as a gift from others may not know their significance and hence miss the underlying message. Have you ever thought which flowers are ideal to gift a friend or relative celebrating birthday in the month of January? In fact, not many of us are familiar with the fact that each month in a year is associated with a flower and has a specific meaning related to it.

Understanding flowers by month:

  • Just like birthstones and astrological signs, representing flowers according to month is an old and popular tradition from the Roman times. As per ancient mythology, Romans are the first people to introduce the tradition of celebrating birthdays that initiated the origins of birth month flowers. The bright yellow daffodils to lush purpled delphiniums, there are many popular flower choices for each month that are capable of piercing a heart with their beauty.
  • Flowers by month are very distinctive and carry a specific significance with a special meaning associated with it. The ancient historical fact shows that, birth month flowers not only represent the zodiac signs but also characterize the qualities of a person born in that month.

Choose the right birth month flower:

So, if you want to celebrate birthday with personalized flowers or gift someone a bouquet on their birthday, do not forget to pick appropriate flowers associated with that month. For instance, pick carnations or snowdrops for January, Violet or Iris for the month February, Daffodil or Jonquil in March and so on. Each of these flowers for different months evokes different meanings and conveys all sorts of sentiments & emotions in every single occasion. While some flowers like roses express romance, love, passion and fascination, others like lilies are associated with modesty and purity. Next time when you are looking for a creative way of celebrating someone’s birthday in a unique way, select the right choice of flowers based on their birth month.

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