Flowers Growing

Flowers are the symbol of love, life and happiness. Flowers not only help to boost your spirit when you are down and out, they also enliven the surroundings of the place where they are kept. And if these flowers are growing in your garden, it adds to the beauty and value of your house.

Flowers need a lot of love, care and attention as too little water and sunlight or too much water and sunlight could destroy them. Despite this, many people take it up as a hobby while many others take flower growing as a profession they are dedicated to because of their love for flowers and gardening.

Types of flowers

Basically, there are three types of flowers - annual, perennial, and biennial. As the name suggests, annual flowers last a year. Biennial flowers, like perennial flowers, do not bloom until their second year. The only difference between biennial and perennial is that perennial flowers do not die as they grow again and again for many years.

Benefits of flowers

Flowers add a lot of color and beauty to our monotonous lives. They can perk you up when you are depressed or anxious, making you feel fresh and ready to go places. Flowers help in killing pests naturally without the use of any pesticide by attracting predators. They also help in controlling weeds and fertilizing the garden with the nitrogen.

Tips on Flower growing:

Before growing flowing, it is very necessary that you be careful while selecting flowers for growing. It is advisable that you read about different varieties of flowers so that you are aware about its needs, growth rate and growth habits. You should also keep in the mind that the flowers you choose should complement each other and not distract from the overall look of the garden.

You should use light and airy soil which has all the nutrients required to grow flowers otherwise it may destroy flowers.

You should take care in giving neither too much nor too little water. If the leaves get discolored, it means you are not giving adequate water to the plants. You can keep some stones in the container in which flowers are growing as it will help in draining out the excess water. You can also mix some sand into the soil mix as it will keep the flowers fresh and help in draining excess water.

It is advisable that you give water to flowers either in the morning or evening or not in the afternoon when sun is at its peak.

You must make sure that you give proper fertilization to the flowers. Too much or too less fertilization may derail the growth of flowers.

You must also keep in mind that flowers should not be planted too close to each other as they would need space to grow.

Tips on Flower care

Once you have grown the flowers and kept them in your living room to bring freshness to it, it is very important that you give proper care to flowers so they last for longer periods.

Keep flowers in a clean flower vase. You should change the water after every one or two days to keep fresh flowers and so that they last longer.

Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, heat or even electronic appliances like TV, microwave which emits heat. It is advisable that you keep them in a cool and shady area.

You can add flower food in the vase as it will enable flowers to last for longer time and prevent any chances of bacteria growing in the water and harming the flowers. You can also re-cut the stem in a slant manner as it will help in keeping flowers fresh.

Flowers, whether growing in the garden or placed in the vase, add a dash of color and freshness to our lives.