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Yellow is associated with gold, making the yellow flowers a symbol of abundance, prosperity and richness. More than wealth, yellow flowers also signify gratitude that is why it is often given to parents as children’s way of showing their appreciation of their undying love and care. It is also actually a symbol of intellect, so it is very fitting to be given as gifts to teachers and educators. Yellow also represents the vibrancy and brightness of the sun, thus, yellow flowers means happiness and enthusiasm.

Top Ten Most Famous Yellow Flowers


Think of a yellow flower and the first thing that comes to mind is the sunflower. As the name suggests, sunflower depicts the brightness of the sun, thus, it represents a bright, happy day. It makes the garden lively to look at if there is a sunflower included in it.


Another famous yellow flower is the chrysanthemum. This type of flower accentuates flower arrangements whether it is a simple bouquet or an elaborate floral design.


When it comes to famous flowers, rose will never be out of the list. Red may be a classic for a rose, but the yellow rose always brings delight and serves as a pleasant surprise to anyone receiving it.


One of the most common colours of tulips is the colour yellow. The tulip is a famous flower and it makes the yellow tulip one of the in-demands in almost all occasions.

Calla Lily:

Aside from white, yellow calla lilies are also one of the most popular varieties of calla lilies. Used mostly for bridal bouquets, the yellow calla lily gives a twist to the usual white wedding floral arrangement.


The bright yellow daffodils delight anyone who sees it, so it is an excellent choice if trying to cheer someone up. Due to its ability to instantly make someone happy, it is often given to sick persons in hospitals. Daffodils can also instantly make a room bright and cheery.


Iris, literally means goddess of the rainbow, represents passion in love. History has it that during the Victorian times, it is used as offerings to a loved one as a sign of passionate love and deep feelings.


Due to the vivid yellow colour of marigold, it makes a great addition to any garden. Courtesy of its happy and bright colour, it instantly makes the garden standout.


Orchids come in different colours such as white, purple, blue, red, and yellow. Some varieties grow outdoors, while some orchids thrive indoors. There are yellow orchids that are best grown indoors, and these kinds are the ones that add character and appeal to any areas of the house.


What makes carnation a very nice addition to the garden is its interesting fragrance. With delicate and soft petals, the carnations make it an ideal centrepiece in either special occasions or in the living room at home.

SNO Name Common Names Description
1 Alstroemeria peruvian lily miniature lilies‚ with spotted or striped markings‚ shaded colour‚ or
2 Anigozanthos kangaroo paw Anigozanthas has long furry‚ velvety buds that open the tip of the stems
3 Cattleya Orchid corsage orchid The leaves are sold as Orca
4 Chincherinchee Chincherinchee Their flowers‚ bell and star-shaped‚ are showy and sometimes very
5 Craspedia drumstick Craspedia is Small‚ golden globular head tightly packed with florets on long‚
6 Crocosmia montbretia Crocosmia are rich orange tube shaped
7 Dahlia Dahlia The native forms are quite simple and daisy-like‚ but breeding has resulted in some
8 Dill dill Umbrella flower heads carried on thick ridged hollwo
9 Eremurus foxtail lily Each flowerspike‚ over one metre long‚ is made up of hundreds of tiny starry
10 Euphorbia fulgens scarlet plume Euphorbia has long‚ elegantly curved branches with tiny pointed leaves along the
11 Forsythia Forsythia Forsythia is well known as a garden plant‚ but is also available as a cut flowering
12 Freesia Freesia Freesias are among the most popular and widely grown cut flowers in the world‚ with
13 Gerbera transvaal daisy Gerbera are little hairs on the stem act as gerbera?s leaves‚ so if they are put
14 Gladiolus sword lily Gladioli like a lot of water‚ and will suffer seriously if not given enough
15 Gloriosa flame lily The flower bears six delicate reflexed petals with scalloped yellow edges each measuring
16 Helenium sneezeweed The buds and immature flowers are attractively striped and the flowers last up to two
17 Heliconia species lobster claw The variety shown here has upright facing flowers; some forms‚ called hanging
18 Iris Bearded The popularity of irises over the centuries has been demonstrated in the still life
19 Kniphofia red-hot poker The downward-pointing flowers open from the bottom of the stem upwards‚ revealing
20 Lily lilium The lily was the holy flower of the ancient
21 Marguerite marguerite Marguerite are Often available as small bushes or potted
22 Narcissus tazetta narcissus have sap which is toxic to other
23 Oncidium Orchid golden shower orchid Delicate sprays of tiny flowers‚ shaped like skirted dancing
24 Paphiopedilum Orchid lady's slipper orchid One or two flowers per stem‚ shaped like helmets with moustaches
25 Phalaenopsis Orchid moth orchid Sprays of up to 15 large waxy flat oval-shaped flowers on long
26 Ranunculus turban buttercup Ranunculus was so good-looking that he was loved by
27 Rose rose The red rose is the symbol of England and is worn on St George's Day. It is also the
28 Rudbeckia coneflower Large yellow daisy-like flower head with a domed
29 Snapdragon snapdragon The Antirrhinum is reminiscent of English gardens with the tall stems grouped amongst
30 Stock stock Stock is a Tall‚ strong stem with a cluster of sweet-scented‚ double flowers
31 Sunflower Common Sunflower Sun flower is large flower head with usually a big dark centre and bright yellow
32 Tulip tulip Tulips are the third-biggest selling flower in Holland and are also very popular in the
33 Vanda Orchid Vanda Orchid Vanda orchid is Elegant five petalled flowers‚ several to a
34 Zantedeschia arum The petals are fleshy and very easily bruised‚ take care when transporting or
35 Zinnia Zinnia The straight stems are topped by a pom-pom of bright candy