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The best way to express one's feelings is through flowers. With varying shades, flowers give out a message in a sincere, genuine way. White flowers, for instance, are often being given to express one's thoughts and feelings in a manner words and actions cannot do.

Symbols and Meanings of White Flowers


Due to its purity, white flower becomes an epitome of innocence. It best describes cleanliness and purity of heart.


White is a very clean and simple colour. Not striking and vivid, and reflects a character that is subtle, plain, yet elegant and sophisticated.


Nothing best describes the colour white but cleanliness, and this is best described by white flowers. The softness of white petals exudes an appeal that is pure and uncomplicated.


White flowers symbolize true emotions, sincere affection, and genuine feelings. Whether it is an expression of love, condolence, sympathy, or happiness, white flowers best suit all these.

Everlasting Love:

Marriage is an exchange of vows of eternal love, and to celebrate the union of hearts, weddings have become one of the most-anticipated events of everyone. This occasion that exchanges promises of eternal love is always accentuated by white flowers.

Submitting to A Loved One:

White flowers used in weddings is a symbol of submission to a loved one. That is why a bride carries a white bouquet as she marches down the aisle and meets her man in the altar. The white flower symbolizes her submission to her man, and a representation of her eternal love to her groom.

White Flower's as a Symbol of Romance

Giving of white flower to a special someone dates back to 1840, when white flowers, white roses in particular, were used in the wedding of Queen Victoria.

Famous White Flowers for Bridal Bouquet


This is the most popular white flower being used in weddings not just because of its delicate and classic beauty but because of its availability all year round. Easy to maintain and to arrange, bridal bouquet of white roses is always present in this special and romantic occasion.


May it be Gerbera, sunshine daisy, or prairie daisy, a white daisy bouquet always brings out the elegance of the bride. Its shape, size, and texture can be easily adorned with other flowers to come up with a stunning arrangement.


Another favourite in bridal bouquet arrangements is the flower mum. It is often adorned with other flowers to add colour and style. Due to its small size, it is also perfect for corsages.

Calla Lilies:

Simplicity is beauty, and that is true with calla lilies. There is no elaborate arrangement needed to be done in calla lilies because it is pretty just as it is. May it be six pieces or a dozen, all it takes is a ribbon and lace to make the march of the bride memorable.


Just like calla lilies, tulips are stunning as it is. Just a bunch of it secured with an elegant or a silky piece of ribbon makes a very lovely bridal bouquet.

SNO Name Common Names Description
1 Agapanthus African lily Tall stem with umbel of funnel shaped flowers on a leafless
2 Allium flowering onion star-shaped flower‚ Tight or loose‚ round clusters of small on long smooth
3 Alstroemeria peruvian lily miniature lilies‚ with spotted or striped markings‚ shaded colour‚ or
4 Amaryllis knight star Amaryllis have large flamboyant starry trumpets which Spring from huge papery bulbs.
5 Ammi queen Anne's lace Ammi has the same flower shape as
6 Anemone windflower Anemone flowers managed to produce in the last few years‚ are remarkable‚ and
7 Anthurium flamingo flower Their unmistakable glossy heart-shaped flower
8 Astrantia masterwort Astrantia has clusters of tiny‚ delicate‚ starlike
9 Bouvardia Bouvardia Bouvardia are certainly not common flowers. If you study them closely‚ you find
10 Cattleya Orchid corsage orchid The leaves are sold as Orca
11 Curcuma Curcuma Curcuma is actual small flowers are found in the lower green bract. It has a sweet and
12 Cymbidium Orchid Cymbidiun hybrid Sprays of 8 -10 large broad-petalled flowers on long
13 Delphinium Delphiniums Delphiniums and larkspur make good dried
14 Eucharis amazon lily Each stem bears at least two flowerheads and often up to
15 Euphorbia fulgens scarlet plume Euphorbia has long‚ elegantly curved branches with tiny pointed leaves along the
16 Freesia Freesia Freesias are among the most popular and widely grown cut flowers in the world‚ with
17 Hyacinth hyacinth Nowadays the cut flowers are sold with roots intact at the bottom to make the flowers
18 Hydrangea Hortensia Hydrangea are small‚ star-shaped flowers packed closely together to form a rounded
19 Iris Bearded The popularity of irises over the centuries has been demonstrated in the still life
20 Lilac lilac The cut flower is far more glamorous than the shrub with long branches laden with
21 Lily of the Valley convallaria Little white bells arranged up a short delicate
22 Marguerite marguerite Marguerite are Often available as small bushes or potted
23 Narcissus tazetta narcissus have sap which is toxic to other
24 Nerine guernsey lily The nerine is an elegant and dainty flower with long stems showing off the slender petals
25 Orchids Orchids The world's largest orchid can grow to 20 metres
26 Paphiopedilum Orchid lady's slipper orchid One or two flowers per stem‚ shaped like helmets with moustaches
27 Phalaenopsis Orchid moth orchid Sprays of up to 15 large waxy flat oval-shaped flowers on long
28 Phlox Garden Phlox Phlox are very thirsty flowers so keep the water topped
29 Pink Pink Pink is aFour rounded petals with a distinctive eye‚ on a greygreen
30 Ranunculus turban buttercup Ranunculus was so good-looking that he was loved by
31 Rose rose The red rose is the symbol of England and is worn on St George's Day. It is also the
32 Scabious scabious Scabious are close relatives of the teasel‚ though you wouldn't know it to look at
33 Snapdragon snapdragon The Antirrhinum is reminiscent of English gardens with the tall stems grouped amongst
34 Trachelium blue throatwort TracheliumClustered panicles of tiny
35 Tuberose tuberose Tuberose is therefore more commonly used in bridal
36 Tulip tulip Tulips are the third-biggest selling flower in Holland and are also very popular in the
37 Viburnum Opulus Black Haw Shrub‚ with heads of globular lace-cap type flowers‚ from pale green to
38 Waxflower waxflower Wax flower is a Tiny bowl-shaped flowers of four rounded
39 Zinnia Zinnia The straight stems are topped by a pom-pom of bright candy