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Peach flowers own a subtle and soft color that makes it one of the top choices of florist when it comes to flower design and arrangements. Delicate and charming, the beauty of peach flowers goes beyond its soft petals and fragrant nature. Widely used either as an offering, present, or as a lovely accent in any space or room, peach flower's availability all year round makes it a favourite choice in any occasion.

The Meanings of Peach Flowers

Modesty and humbleness are among the many attributes peach flowers symbolize that go very well with its pale and subtle colour. It also symbolizes harmony and unity, so it can be an ideal present when a group or organization has successfully carried out a mission, project, or task. Another feeling that the peach flowers symbolize is sincerity, so in expressing a genuine feeling to someone, peach flowers can very well do the job.

Suitable Occasions for Peach Flowers

Flower arrangements have always graced an occasion as it instantly transforms the venue into an elegant, charming, and vibrant one. Flower arrangements can be anywhere—as pillars in the entrance, centrepiece on tables, backdrop on the stage, or simply a simple gift to guests. Peach flowers, being a popular choice in flower arrangements, are used in birthday celebrations, christening, wedding, and anniversaries. Being a gentle and soft flower, take note that the occasions peach flowers are used at are as intimate as the flower itself.

Top Varieties of Peach Flowers


The peach variety of zinnia attracts butterflies, and gardeners are fond of growing them for this reason. Apart from that, hummingbirds are also attracted to zinnias, a quality that benefits other plants and flowers because it somehow drives away whiteflies.


The peach variety of tulip comes in contrasting shades of dark peach in the inner petals and light peach in the outer petals. Not only attractive in colour, peach tulips also have a longer staying power in the garden that makes it a favourite of garden aficionados. Peach blossom tulips can grow up to 10 inches in height and its flower can spread up to 4 inches.


The classic beauty of roses makes it to the list of top choices of florists, flower designers and arrangers, and gardeners. There are over a hundred varieties of roses, and the peach rose is one of the most versatile when it comes to flower arrangements. Due to its subtle colour, peach rose can be easily accentuated with bright and striking flowers to come up with an elegant floral design.

Tiger Lily:

It is a very fragrant flower in which its petals have a combined colour of peach and pink. Like the tulip, tiger lilies last long in the garden that is why gardeners are fond of growing them. This variety also makes it a top choice of florist since it is beautiful as it is. Its unique shape and colour combination makes it easy to design it into an elegant and beautiful arrangement.

SNO Name Common Names Description
1 Alstroemeria peruvian lily miniature lilies‚ with spotted or striped markings‚ shaded colour‚ or
2 Amaryllis knight star Amaryllis have large flamboyant starry trumpets which Spring from huge papery bulbs.
3 Gladiolus sword lily Gladioli like a lot of water‚ and will suffer seriously if not given enough
4 Hyacinth hyacinth Nowadays the cut flowers are sold with roots intact at the bottom to make the flowers
5 Narcissus tazetta narcissus have sap which is toxic to other
6 Pink Pink Pink is aFour rounded petals with a distinctive eye‚ on a greygreen
7 Tulip tulip Tulips are the third-biggest selling flower in Holland and are also very popular in the
8 Zinnia Zinnia The straight stems are topped by a pom-pom of bright candy