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Mauve Flowers

Mauve flower is a crossover of purple and pink colours. It appears like a lighter shade of purple with a hint of pink tones. The flowers with a mauve colour make it an interesting addition to flower arrangements since they possess a unique colour combination. In the garden, it can be a good addition to the classic and the common ones to create an interesting line-up of flowers in bloom.

What Mauve Flower Represents

Flowers with mauve shade represent admiration, beauty, and solitude. It usually is the best to describe a feminine character that embodies grace, elegance, refinement, and sophistication. It is a symbol of gentleness and delicateness. Since it has a hint of purple, mauve flowers can also be a symbol of royalty and highness. Its pink hint, on the other hand, is a symbol of femininity and softness.

Star of Persia

Star of Persia belongs to the Alliaceae plant family with a scientific name Allium christophii. Star of Persia grows big in size. This is a unique mauve flower that has a flower-head that contains up to 80 star shaped flowers with flat petals that collectively look like a ball. This kind of flower can be planted and sowed in any time of the year. Interestingly, all Allium plants do not interest pests and animals, and so Star of Persia is saved from any damage caused by pests, and similarly, this mauve flower also serves as protector of other plants and flowers that surround it. This mauve flower is originated in Turkey, and can be used in flower arrangements, gravel garden, rock garden, or informal garden.

Perennial Wallflower

Belonging to Brassicaceae, Perennial Wallflower is another example of flowers with a mauve colour. It grows in almost any time of the year, except only on cold months. This flower is loved by bees and butterflies, which in a way benefit their growth as well. Perennial Wallflower is best to plant and grow in soil with neutral-alkaline, in full sun. One of the popular perennial wallflowers is the Bowles' Mauve.

Purple Loosestrife

Lythrum salicaria is the scientific name of Purple Loosestrife, an example of a mauve flower. The petals are purple to mauve colour, 10-22 mm diameter, with five to six petals (but mostly six petals), with twelve stamens, and clustered together. This mauve flower belongs to the family Lythraceae found in Europe, Asia, northwest Africa, and South of Australia. Purple loosestrife attracts butterflies and bees, and some insect regard this mauve flower as their food. Purpled loosestrife is also called spiked loosestrife.

Argentine Trumpet Vine

This mauve flower usually blooms in spring and there are few scattered ones during the summer. Argentine trumpet vine's scientific name is Clytostoma callistegioides that belongs to the Evergreen plant family. It grows up to 10-15 feet height. When growing this kind of mauve flower, it is important to know that it thrives best in 8, 9, and 10 zones in full or partial sun.

SNO Name Common Names Description
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2 Trachelium blue throatwort TracheliumClustered panicles of tiny
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