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Fresh and beautiful brown flower arrangements

One of the most popular color choices among flowers during the autumn months is brown. Even though there are many variations in the shades of brown flowers from pale tan to dark mahogany, they make perfect gift for all types of occasions. Brown color always creates an impression of balance and luxury and thus these flowers are ideally suitable for decorating kitchens and living room. There are not many choices available in brown flowers but some of the most popular species such as the chrysanthemum and rose come in beautiful shades of brown. A deep red chocolate sunflower or a burgundy bloom Cymbidium Orchid with wine brown undertone will definitely add an informal touch to any wedding decoration, table centerpiece or flower arrangement.

What these flowers represent?

  • Brown is an intimate color that is associated with nature, earth and kindness. Because of its dark and robust appearance, people make use of these brown flowers in funerals, business lunches and black tie events. As a unique color, brown always convey the message of masculinity, strength and solidity.
  • Despite being dull in nature, brown is a solid color that is so close to stability, warmth and comfort. In fact, the color that symbolizes Thanksgiving is brown because this color represents the color of the wood and fallen leaves in the month of autumn.
  • We all know that red roses are associated with love, affection and desire. However, if you want to convey the message of romance and intimacy in simpler manner, brown flowers are the best alternatives.

Elegant Brown flower arrangements:

  • One of the most versatile colors that we can use in the flower arrangements is brown. A stunning brown color flower in the centerpiece arrangement with light and contrast roses and bulbs make any event more appealing and different. Even though these flowers are dull and gloomy, when mixed with lavish pink or bright orange, they make wonderful combinations for weddings and receptions.
  • Many do not realize that brown and mocha color tones accented with other light colored flowers are sure to create a memorable table centerpiece, wedding or reception bouquet, or flower arrangement. Now-a-days, brown flowers are turning out to be very popular colors with brides especially those who are looking for a country or rustic themed wedding.

SNO Name Common Names Description
1 Anthurium flamingo flower Their unmistakable glossy heart-shaped flower
2 Hydrangea Hortensia Hydrangea are small‚ star-shaped flowers packed closely together to form a rounded
3 Hypericum st john's wort Remove the leaves as these fade quickly and are not as ornamental as the
4 Oncidium Orchid golden shower orchid Delicate sprays of tiny flowers‚ shaped like skirted dancing
5 Paphiopedilum Orchid lady's slipper orchid One or two flowers per stem‚ shaped like helmets with moustaches
6 Sedum stonecrop Sedum are succulent-leaved plants with large flat
7 Sunflower Common Sunflower Sun flower is large flower head with usually a big dark centre and bright yellow
8 Tulip tulip Tulips are the third-biggest selling flower in Holland and are also very popular in the
9 Zinnia Zinnia The straight stems are topped by a pom-pom of bright candy