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All you need to know about blue flowers

Flowers are available in wide variety of shades but finding a true or pure blue color is a difficult task. In general, people consider blue as a powerful, rare and exotic color to find in flowers because there are not many types existing in this shade. Just blue flowers on their own are very dominant and when mixed with other contrast shades they exhibit a great display of stunning elegance. Most of the true blue flowers are wild and those we see in the bouquets and arrangements have mixed shades of red or purple. Based on your choice and fantasy you can choose different shades of blue flowers from simple cottage garden flowers such as the cornflower to the strange and stunning species like blue orchid.

Meaning of blue flowers:

  • It is a known fact that a dozen red roses are going to signify love and compassion but how many of us know carrying blue flowers is a good symbol to congratulate someone on their victory? Since blue color is associated with versatile meanings, it is very hard to uncover each one of them. However, in general, people consider blue as a peaceful color that represents calmness, serenity and depth. While some people use it as a symbol of royalty, others associate them with masculinity, sadness and depression.
  • In many cultures, people use blue colored flowers for religious purposes and trust that it brings freedom, peace and harmony to their families. For some, these flowers are symbols of intelligence, wisdom and faith. If you want to pass on the message of love and desire to your loved ones, do not forget to add blue flowers in the gift bouquet.

Blue flower arrangements:

With relax and calm impression, blue colored flowers always bring peaceful atmosphere to the surroundings wherever they are used. Even though it is difficult to find flowers with true blue tints, they offer richness and grace if added to any kind of wedding, be it a formal or a casual. Having blue flowers for bouquet or flower arrangement is a sophisticated choice because many of these flowers are not easily available and even if you find them in a flower Shoppe they are quite expensive.

SNO Name Common Names Description
1 Agapanthus African lily Tall stem with umbel of funnel shaped flowers on a leafless
2 Delphinium Delphiniums Delphiniums and larkspur make good dried
3 Eryngium sea holly The plant has deepy-cut leaves shaped like holly‚ and sometimes just as
4 Gentiana gentian Flowers are trumpet-shaped blue or
5 Hyacinth hyacinth Nowadays the cut flowers are sold with roots intact at the bottom to make the flowers
6 Hydrangea Hortensia Hydrangea are small‚ star-shaped flowers packed closely together to form a rounded
7 Iris Bearded The popularity of irises over the centuries has been demonstrated in the still life
8 Scabious scabious Scabious are close relatives of the teasel‚ though you wouldn't know it to look at
9 Strelitzia bird of paradise Purchase Strelitzia when the first flower bud is fully
10 Trachelium blue throatwort TracheliumClustered panicles of tiny
11 Vanda Orchid Vanda Orchid Vanda orchid is Elegant five petalled flowers‚ several to a