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  • Understanding the flower symbolism by color

    History shows that flowers have always played an important part in the development of human existence. The astonishing beauty, aesthetic quality and delicacy of flowers makes every occasion unique and special. Even though we all get inspired by the beauty of flowers only few of us know the fact that colors of flowers are important and have its own representation and interpretation. In Floriography, flowers are ideal means of communicating unspoken messages, which means flowers by color, type, arrangement and number carry significant meaning while expressing specific emotional feeling.

    Different types of flowers by color:

    • Like how each flower have dozens of meanings specific to the flower type, many popular flowers also associate with different connotations and sentiments. In many ancient cultures, flowers with different colors represent the symbol of prosperity, wealth, prestige, grief and artistic inspiration. As the meaning of flower vary by region, type or even due to historical beliefs, a single flower type with individual color can have hundreds of meanings.
    • Just like types, different colors of flowers have great impact on people in communicating the right message to the people and expressing emotional thoughts & feelings. For instance, color red represents love & passion and white colored flowers symbolize purity, peace and tranquility. While yellow color represents joy, happiness and new course of friendship, pink is associated with romance and innocence.

    Significance of flowers by color:

    • The guidelines for flower etiquette differ across ethnicity and cultures. A thorough knowledge on origin and symbolic meaning of flowers by color help a person decide what flower to choose on a particular occasion. The sender should thus pick the flowers that are suitable for the occasion as well as convey the right message that he/she would like to pass on to the others.
    • Some people do not give much importance to the colors and assume that caring for flowers according to the color is not necessary as long as the flowers look beautiful and attractive. However, choosing the appropriate type of flower with the right color for the bouquet or decoration is very essential to create the desired impact. For instance, presenting red colored roses to your loved ones on Valentine's Day would look more appropriate than sending yellow or white colored flowers.