Flowers Business

Flowers not only express one’s love, they also symbolize happiness, prosperity and fertility. These days, flowers are given on any occasion, be birthday, wedding, Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. As a result, flower business is growing big time.

United States has around 30,000 retail florists, which earn around 250,191 dollars annually. If you love flowers and have creativity to turn normal flowers into amazing flower arrangements, then flower business is for you.

Basically, there are three types of flower business:

a) Wholesale florist services: In this type, you will provide flowers and plants to the retail florists. Most of the times, those who are in wholesale flower business grows also. If you want to start a new venture, it would not be ideal, as you should have detailed knowledge about the flowers and large amount of funds.

b) Retail florists: These florists or flower shops can be found in every nook and cranny across the world. These florists not only sell flowers and bouquets, they also do flower arrangements for weddings like wedding bouquets, flower decoration in the venue etc.

For opening your own flower shop, you need to be very creative to create innovative lower arrangements. It is also necessary that you get some basic theoretical as well as practical knowledge on how to handle flowers, their nutrition, their upkeep and maintenance.

It would be advisable that you do some course in floriculture. You can also work as an apprentice or assistant in a flower shop to gain some experience and hone your creative skills. It would also be helpful to you in dealing with your clients when you open your own shop.

c) Floral Supplier: A floral supplier basically supplies accessories like ribbons, baskets, frames and stands, which are used in making flower arrangements or bouquets.

Local demand, competition, your creativity in creating new and innovative flower arrangements and location of the shop determines the income you will generate in the business. Though creativity is not the only thing, you also must have business acumen. You must keep records of your investment, expenditure and revenue. You must be able to balance profits and expenditure incurred on raw material as well as marketing and advertising for attracting customers.

If you want to open a retail shop, make sure that it is located in a prime location which is accessible to cross sections of people. Also ensure that the location has adequate parking facilities and the neighborhood is good.

If you are hesitant in starting a new shop in a new locality afresh, you can buy already-established flower shops, which are on sale. That way, you don’t have to worry about the basic infrastructure. Even if the flower shop didn’t attract many buyers, you can refurnish it a bit, add your expertise to the flower arrangements and make your mark with innovative flower arrangements.

Some people also become franchise of a well-known flower retail company, which gives them training and help in maintaining and growing the shop’s business. This helps them in attracting clients for the first time who come to the store because of the company’s good reputation. Later on, you can impress them with your innovative flower arrangement styles and create a loyal clientele

These days, most of the people opt for online flower shops as the investment in such a venture is comparatively less and the reach is far more than a physical retail outlet. With an online flower shop, you don’t have to worry about buying a store and its location etc. Also, you can send flowers to different parts of the city, state or country with tie-ups with other florists or agents.

You must make sure that you deal with your clients in a pleasant manner, as flower business is a people-centric business, which will grow by loops and bounds by the word of mouth. If you are arrogant and irrational with your clients, no matter how much money you spend on marketing and advertising, your shop is bound to see decline in its clientele.

Be creative, pleasant and innovative and see your flower business bloom into a highly rewarding venture!