Waxflower Flowers

Waxflower Flowers

Waxflower Flower Facts


Waxflower, as is commonly known..


Wax flower is a Tiny bowl-shaped flowers of four rounded petals




Dark pink, pale pink, white


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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Waxflower is also known as Chamelaucium which is a shrub genus mostly seen at (endemic) South Western part of Western Australia. It is said that they belong to myrtle family of Myrtaceae and possess leaves similar to tea-trees. Among the flowers Geraldton Wax which is cultivated because of their appeal of large attractive flowers.

It was found by the French botanist Rene Louiche Desfontaines in the year of 1819. Though the reason for their name is unclear it is speculated since their petals give a feeling of wax. There are 14 species that are recognized within the genus. It provides to a number of related genera which are close to that known as Chamelaucium alliance that include largely present members of Verticordia, Calytrix, Darwinia, Micromytus, Thryptomene and Baeckea.

They have oil glands and aroma which give pleasant aroma when crushed. Their well known flower Geraldton Wax is widely cultivated. During cultivation they require dryer climates provided with excellent drainage and bright sun light.