Viburnum Opulus Flowers

Viburnum Opulus Flowers

Viburnum Opulus Flower Facts


Black Haw, as is commonly known..


Shrub‚ with heads of globular lace-cap type flowers‚ from pale green to creamy white.




Pale green to white


This Flowers are Availble in Spring‚Summer

Botanical Name:

Viburnum Opulus

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Viburnum opulus is a species of Viburnum which holds Europe and Asia as its native. It has common name as ‘Guelder Rose’ which originated ever first in the Dutch province Gelderland. It is generally grown as an ornamental plant for its berries and flowers. It grows best in moist, moderately alkaline soils though grows with every soil type.

Viburnum opulus (Kalyna) has been recognized as Ukraine’s national symbol. It is mentioned as a bush in Ukrainian cultural creations and art forms. Several species of Viburnum have become popular ornamental plants at Gardens, Landscapes and Orchids for their showy flowers, red berries, fragrance and periodic vernaculars. While at cool temperate regions they remain as deciduous while at warm temperate species are evergreen. The leaves are located at opposite sides, looks simple, wholesome and toothed or lobbed. Other popular names of Viburnum are Guelder Rose, Water elder, European Cranberrybush, Cramp Bark and Snowball Tree.