Vanda Orchid Flowers

Vanda Orchid Flowers

Vanda Orchid Flower Facts


Vanda Orchid, as is commonly known..


Vanda orchid is Elegant five petalled flowers‚ several to a stem


Vanda Orchid




This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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Vanda belongs to orchid genus though a not large among the fifty such species is an important in that genus. This and its allies hold an important place among other orchid flowers. In horticulture it has a valuable prize for its several features like glitzy, aromatic, long lasting and deeply colorful flowers. Apart from their popular colors of blue and brown they are famous with yellow, orange, scarlet, deep purple and bright fuchsia orchid flowers as well.

The name Vanda derived from Sanskrit name denoting for the species Vanda tessellate. They demand special cultural needs to bring them up with the best out of them. They have origination of South Pacific Islands and in particular like Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo and the Philippines which remain their true home.

The Vanda orchids have become so popular since they allow hybridization like other orchid species. They have grown widely across the world, in Durban (South Africa), in the Netherland and in Florida (USA) irrespective of their natural character of blossoming at their own climatic conditions. Because of vanishing natural habitat they are listed as engendered species.