Tuberose Flowers

Tuberose Flowers

Tuberose Flower Facts


Tuberose, as is commonly known..


Tuberose is therefore more commonly used in bridal work.






This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

Botanical Name:

Polianthes tuberosa

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Tuberose flowers are perennials and have a significant role to play in perfumery. The botanical name is Polianthes tuberosa and there are about 12 species of this fragrant flower. It is a nocturnal flower and believed to be originally from Mexico. This flower plays a very prominent role in religious Hindu ceremonies in India.


Tuberose flowers grow in clusters of elongated flowers. The buds are green but give way to a waxy, white flower in blooming. The flowers are tubular with six flaring petals at the end.

Facts about Tuberose Flowers

  • These flowers are best known for their heavy scent and due to this reason are very popular in perfumery.
  • Tuberose flowers are named after their tuberous root system.
  • These flowers are believed to represent voluptuousness and dangerous pleasure.
  • The essential oil of tuberose although commercially available is extremely rare and hard to find.

Cultivation of Tuberose Flowers

  • Tuberose plants are propagated from bulbs.
  • Well-drained soil is required, preferably with compost, peat moss and ground bark.
  • The flowers will appear in mid to late summer.
  • Other than a few yellow leaves, trimming of leaves is not recommended at any time during the lifecycle.