Trachelium Flowers

Trachelium Flowers

Trachelium Flower Facts


Blue throatwort, as is commonly known..


TracheliumClustered panicles of tiny flowers.




Blue, mauve, pink and creamy-white.


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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Trachelium flowers are perennials predominantly found in the Mediterranean region specifically in Portugal. The botanical name of this plant is Trachelium Caeruleum and the family it belongs to is Camanulaceae. The common name for this flower is Blue Throatwort. It gets its name from the fact that this flower was used for treating throat ailments in ancient times.


Trachelium flowers bloom in clusters and the flowers have a head size of about half an inch in diameter. The common colors are lavender, blue, purple and lavender. The flower clusters are about eight inches in diameter.

Facts about Trachelium Flowers

  • Trachelium flower gets its name from a Greek word which literally means “rough throat” due to the fact that this flower was used to treat throat ailments in ancient times.
  • The Trachelium flower is a mid-summer bloom and they continue to bloom until early autumn.
  • Trachelium flowers are relatively easy to grow and maintain.
  • The dead flowers should be removed regularly to stimulate growth of new blossoms.
  • These flowers need lots of water and plenty of sunlight.
  • The soil needs to be slightly acidic and well-drained.