Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet Pea Flower Facts


Sweet pea, as is commonly known..


Sweet pea Keep cool‚ always in water‚ and away from ripening fruit




Purples, pinks, creams,salmons.


This Flowers are Availble in Spring‚Summer

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The Sweet Pea Flower belongs to the genus Lathyrus and the family Fabaceae which comes under the category of legumes. These flowers are originally from Crete and Sicily in the Mediterranean region but are found throughout the world today. It is an annual climber and grows up to 2 meters in length.


  • Sweet Pea flowers grow in clusters.
  • The single flower has the appearance of a fringed butterfly.
  • These flowers are found in colors like white, blue, lavender, pink and red.
  • Some of the flowers are fragrant where some are not.

Sweet Pea Flowers Meaning and Symbolism

Sweet Pea flowers have many symbolisms attached to their name. They are thought to stand for delicate pleasure, blissful pleasure, departure and expression of thanks for a wonderful time.

Facts about Sweet Pea Flowers

  • In its genus there are about 110 species, and include garden peas which are edible.
  • These flowers were cultivated as early as the 17th century.
  • In the recent past, New Zealand has developed some new varieties of Sweet Pea.