Strelitzia Flowers

Strelitzia Flowers

Strelitzia Flower Facts


Bird of paradise, as is commonly known..


Purchase Strelitzia when the first flower bud is fully open.


South Africa.


Bright orange and blue crest, silvery-green leaves.


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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The botanical name for Strelitzia flowers is Strelitzia reginae. It is native to South Africa. Some of the commonly known names of this flower are Crane Flower and Bird of Paradise (the latter name being due the bird-like appearance of the flower.


It is a monocot and the plant grows up to 2 meters. The flowers rise above the leaves and the petals form a kind of a crown. They emerge out a beak-shaped sheath known as the spathe.

Strelitzia Flowers Meaning and Symbolism

Strelitzia flowers are thought to symbolize joyfulness. They also represent paradise. These flowers are meant to be gifted on 9th wedding anniversaries.

Facts about Strelitzia Flowers

  • These plants are easily grown from seeds and require minimal maintenance.
  • Although native to South Africa, these flowers have been cultivated in England since 1773.
  • Strelitzia flowers are not resistant to frost and should be protected from it.
  • Today they are also found in the Americas and Australia.
  • Strelitzia flowers are commonly grown in Southern California and it is the Official Flower of Los Angeles.