Stock Flowers

Stock Flowers

Stock Flower Facts


Stock, as is commonly known..


Stock is a Tall‚ strong stem with a cluster of sweet-scented‚ double flowers forming a spike


Mediterranean and Canary Islands


Pink, red, yellow, lilac and purple.


This Flowers are Availble in Spring

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Some varieties of Stock Flowers are biennials and others are annuals. The annual variety is sown in March but a bit earlier in colder regions. The annual variety is also known as “East Lothian” which grows in Scotland.


  • Stock grows as a single or a double flower having a diameter of about one inch.
  • These flowers have a pleasing spicy and sweet scent which resembles that of cloves.
  • The flowers come in colors like pink, burgundy, cream, peach, yellow, lavender and purple.

Growing Conditions

  • Stock flowers grow best in humid and cool coastal areas.
  • There are however some varieties of stock which can tolerate hotter climates.
  • These flowers can resist light frost and so is capable of blooming in the winter too.
  • Stocks need plenty of sunshine in the main growing period.

Facts about Stock Flowers

  • Stock flowers belong to the mustard family and are native to the Mediterranean region.
  • These flowers are popular for lining flower beds where they can be planted in rows.
  • They are popular as for indoor flower arrangements and have a vase life of about 8 days.