Sedum Flowers

Sedum Flowers

Sedum Flower Facts


Stonecrop, as is commonly known..


Sedum are succulent-leaved plants with large flat flowerheads




Pinky-brown, with light green stems


This Flowers are Availble in Summer‚Autumn

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These flowers come under the category of “drought-tolerant perennials”. They belong to the family Crassulaceae and the common name for these flowers is “stonecrops” and are also known as “autumn joy”. There are about 400 species to this group.


These flowers grow in clusters and the colors are usually pink, orange, yellow or red. The leaves of the Sedum plant are variegated.

Sedum Flowers Geographical Distribution

These flowers are found in rocky terrain and are found abundantly in Turkey and that part of Asia. They are also found in different parts of the world today due to their popularity in rock garden landscaping.

Facts about Sedum Flowers

  • The leaves of most of the Sedum Flower plants are edible and are used for garnishing salads.
  • Traditionally, Sedum acre was used for the treatment of skin diseases and epilepsy.
  • In some areas this plant is used for roofing where green roofing is required.
  • Sedums are well-documented and available in most horticultural outlets. They are a popular choice for landscaping gardens and are used for borders.