Scabious Flowers

Scabious Flowers

Scabious Flower Facts


Scabious, as is commonly known..


Scabious are close relatives of the teasel‚ though you wouldn't know it to look at them


Hungary and Mediterranean Russia.


Lavender blue, lilac or creamy white.


This Flowers are Availble in Summer

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Scabious Flowers belong to the genus scabiosa of which there are at least 100 species. Some of the common names for this flower are sweet scabious, devil’s bit, pincushion flowers and mourning-bride. These flowers get their name from scabies as it was once believed that they could cure that disease.


These flowers have a rosette presentation and are popular as garden plants, especially as borders for fields. The colors are in pastel shades of pink, mauve and yellow and sometimes white.

Scabious Flowers Geographical Distribution

These flowers are found commonly in Asia and Europe, especially in the Mediterranean region where they have been actively cultivated since the year 1800.

Facts about Scabious Flowers

  • Scabious flowers are believed to symbolize unfortunate love, widowhood and admiration.
  • Apart from the obvious ornamental uses of Scabious Flowers, they are also useful in the treatment of skin disorders.
  • Tea of Scabious Flowers is used for rinsing the hair in the case of heavy dandruff.