Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus Flower Facts


Turban buttercup, as is commonly known..


Ranunculus was so good-looking that he was loved by everyone


The Middle East


Yellow, white, red, pink, orange


This Flowers are Availble in Winter‚Spring

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Ranunculus flowers – best alternatives for roses

Ranunculus flowers, mostly known as buttercups are natives of Asia and have both visual beauty as well as the medicinal properties. Belonging to the genus of ranunculaceae, the ranunculus flowers have about 400 species which includes buttercups, water crowfoots, spearwort’s etc. These adorable flowers look very much similar to camellia and are available in various exotic colors of white, pink, red, yellow, orange and others.

Floral meaning:

With the floral meaning of “I am amazed by your charm” the ranunculus flowers derived their name from Latin word “rana” referring to the frog. These annual, biennial and perennial herbs are well-known as wedding flowers and also have a mythological legend which gave them the typical name as the coyote’s eyes.

Symbolize charm and beauty:

The exotic bouquet of ranunculus flowers symbolize the radiant charm and have long been revered for their stunning beauty and magnificence. The lush fullness of these gorgeous ranunculus flowers makes them best alternatives for roses in various occasions.