Protea Flowers

Protea Flowers

Protea Flower Facts


Sugarbush, as is commonly known..


The flower is surrounded by colourful bracts


Australia‚ Southern Africa and South America.


Pinks, creams, oranges, charcoal.


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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Beautiful tropical African flowers in various colors

Among the oldest flower families, Protea is one of the most significant South African flowering plant, which was named after the Greek God Proteus in 1735. These tropical African shrubs with more than 1,400 varieties have rigid leaves and cup-shaped bright colorful flower heads resembling artichokes.

Flower family:

The word is derived from Latin Proteus meaning large number of different forms of the plant. Protea flowers belong to the subfamily proteoideae within the family of proteaceae and are available in astounding varieties of shapes, colors, sizes and blooms.


Also called as sugarbushes, the protea flowers have many mythological facts associated with them, but universally they represent the strength and courage. Dated back at least 300 million years ago, these ancient & radiant protea flowers have unique beauty, flower size, habitat and color. The giant or king protea (Protea cynaroides) is the national flower of South Africa and is widely distributed in the south-western or southern areas of the Western Cape.