Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers

Pink Flower Facts


Pink, as is commonly known..


Pink is aFour rounded petals with a distinctive eye‚ on a greygreen stem.


New South Wales


White, cream, deep red, peach


This Flowers are Availble in Summer‚Autumn

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Unique pink colored flowers for all occasions

The softer and warmer color of pink flowers is always exotic and magnificent when compared to the darker shades of red and purple. Among the varied types of pink shaded flowers roses, dahlias, carnations, clematis, foxgloves, hydrangea, lilies and others are the most eminent varieties that are perfect for any occasion or event.

Facts and symbolism of pink flowers:

  • Pink flowers have been part of human culture for thousands of years and signify gentility, happiness, grace and joy. They not only represent innocence and youthfulness but are also associated with purity and love. On the contrary the pink shaded flowers are traditionally considered as the symbol of pain or suffering, even death in roman culture.
  • Pink flowers have most symbolic and historic significance from ages. The individual flower choices of each pink shade represent different symbolism but overall these flowers communicate caring and gentility. For instance, while the darker shades of pink roses carry a message of gratitude the pale pink colors represent happiness, admiration or passion.