Phlox Flowers

Phlox Flowers

Phlox Flower Facts


Garden Phlox, as is commonly known..


Phlox are very thirsty flowers so keep the water topped up.




White, pink, purple


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

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Wide variety of Garden phloxes

As the natives of North America and Europe, the Phloxes are easy to grow garden plants that have approximately 67 species and marvelous wide color range including pink, purple, white, rose, lavender, red etc. Although these blossoms are extremely popular during the late 1880s, the phlox flowers have got their true recognition in the year 1732.

Facts about garden phlox:

The word phlox is derived from the Greek which represents flame or light. Belonging to the group of Polemoniaceae a family of herbs, the phlox flowers includes many popular wild and garden flowers that are available in wide varieties of woodlands, creepers, moss phloxes, meadows and garden phloxes etc. Even though a large amount of these plants are perennial, the most common garden phlox flowers are annual hybrids of the Texas species Phlox drummondii.


These varied colored phlox flowers are best considered as the icon of compatibility and unity of souls and sometimes used as a gesture of marriage proposal. Often, these flowers are also considered as the symbol of agreement or sweet dreams.