Oncidium Orchid Flowers

Oncidium Orchid Flowers

Oncidium Orchid Flower Facts


Golden shower orchid, as is commonly known..


Delicate sprays of tiny flowers‚ shaped like skirted dancing girls.




Yellow with brown spots.


This Flowers are Availble in All Seasons

Botanical Name:

Oncidium Orchid

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Oncidium family of orchid flowers in wide varieties

Often referred to as Dancing Lady or Butterfly Orchids, the Oncidium Orchid flowers have varied species in amazing array of colors, sizes and shapes. With the scientific name of Oncidium sphacelatum these flowers vary in shape except one common feature of the beautiful crest on the flower lip.

Oncidium Orchid Flowers Scientific Meaning and Facts

While the name Oncidium is derived from the Greek word which means swelling or bulging (referring to the callus at the lower lip), the word sphacelatum refers to the dead or diseased. Grown in diverse number of habitats, the Oncidium Orchid flowers are natives of western hemisphere and are epiphytic with roots exposed to the air and bears pseudo bulbs that store water and nutrients.

Oncidium Orchid Flowers Symbolism

Even though Orchids symbolizes love, beauty, strength, success and luxury there are many facts associated with the Oncidium Orchid flowers in different cultures such as the Central and South American natives associate them with the dead and the Meso-American Indians consider these brown striped yellow flowers as the symbol of sun.