Nerine Flowers

Nerine Flowers

Nerine Flower Facts


Guernsey lily, as is commonly known..


The nerine is an elegant and dainty flower with long stems showing off the slender petals curled like gift ribbons


South Africa


Pure white and cherry red.


This Flowers are Availble in Summer‚Autumn‚Winter

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Nerines are commonly known as lilies but the fact is that they are not true lilies. Nerines are bulb flowers in each bulb produces single stem and have no leaves. Each stem carries 5-12 flowers of funnel-shape in clusters and at the top of the stem. These flowers are found commonly in pink color but they are also available in various shades of red and white also.
The flowers of Nerines grow mostly in fields and in the season of winter and autumn. In case the bulb flowers are forced to flower in the month of summer season in order to prolong its season, this can be done by growing them in a covered glass house.

Meaning of Nerines Flower:

Nerine refers to sea-nymphs of Greek mythology. They are also known as Guernsey Lily, as some of the bulbs were washed ashore Guernsey in the English Channel from a passing ship thus establishing them there.

Fact aboutNerine Flower:

The flowers of Nerine are an elegant and dainty flower having slender and long stems with curled petals. Some of the species of Nerine are evergreen while others grow in winter or summer. Nerine have the finest fall-flowering bulbs which enlighten the autumn garden with their soft pastel colors.

The flowers of Nerines are great cut flowers which retain their freshness for ample of time. These flowers look great in evergreen or dark background.